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[NSW] March 14, Eden and Eastern Vic 3 day ride, Fri Mar 14t

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: dan chee

    Hey Guys, Some of you may know i was toying with the idea of a run down the south coast into Vic, well my mind is made up and i am going...March 14

    This will Be a three day ride day one to Eden, Day two Cann River and Bonang Rd back to Eden,and Day...

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  2. :oops: too many windows open at once :oops:
  3. Dan,
    Sounds like a plan mate. Put me down for this.
  4. awesome Karl, the bird will love it!!! will be a long few days, but you will appreciate the corbin mate :wink:
  5. shitloads of fresh reseals in the bombala/eden/mt darragh area, keep your eyes open for signage, and pay bloody attention to them.
    you have been warned.
  6. hey joel?? i do appreciate your heads up, but do you have anything positive to say?? i have seen in the past week so much negativeness in some of your posts... i would really hate to be as negative as you, how about just "hey, i'd love to join in but i cant as im working have fun and take care guys??"
  7. thanks for your concern, but i think its mostly unfounded.
    all too often people come unstuck on "loose gravel" "fresh tar" etc. etc. and claim no signs, only to be shown that the warnings were there. i am directly responsible for these areas, and it would upset me immensely if a NR came off in these particular sections. it is a positive contribution IMO, for your own good.
    edit- also for MY own good.
  8. tenative inner. should be a go.
  9. here are the works already completed.

    enjoy your ride.
    :) <--for increased positivity
  10. awesome stuff joel... now with less time for the net.. more time working the roads may be sealed buy mid march eh??? nah is ok, you going ot bring the rr out for a run on the saturday???
  11. +1 on the tentativeness for me :grin:
  12. somewhere in this forum i think Tex has a pic of his busa under the sign on bonang rd stating twisties/105 km.. but buggared if i can find it.... that would look pretty inviting... will be looking for confirmed dates and paid by 5th march.. will know tomorrow the $$ for accomodation...
  13. i should get the harley out of the shed and whoop your arses on the twisties, being home turf ;) :LOL:
    i have no idea where in australia i will be at that period of time, too much depends on the weather, could even be in WA :shock:
    i make no promises :)
  14. well you know where we will be, :cool:
  15. tempting.
  16. Darwin you know the bike would love it... and a zx14 would be nice in our entourage..... :cool:
  17. Dan, that 105 sign is just after the dirt section on the Vic side of the Bonang highway, its a great bit of road, have fun
  18. you dont want to join in the fun Haggis? :( i am sure i will have a ball :cool:
  19. I'm a starter also.

    Never had my road bike on dirt - should be interesting.

  20. Thats great Dean, BTW Dan, Dean (D1300) is a great bloke and rider, did the Oxley together and the Busa will be a great addition to the crew. Are you limiting numbers?