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[nsw] Making complaints about police officers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Azamakumar, May 25, 2011.

  1. I had a run in with a car today, disobeying about 3 rules before almost cleaning me up on anzac pde. Held in the horn and jumped on the brakes and got close enough to the bonnet to see blue and red lights (switched off) on the front grill. It was an unmarked commodore. When I got a chance to stop and take a pic of the car she threw on the sirens and said I was abusing her and wasn't allowed to take pics of her car yada yada yada, but the thing that got to me most was when she said "I can go straight from there". At that point i stfu and got back on the bike, to watch the cop do the same thing as the last intersection (go straight from a left turn only lane).

    About 5 minutes later just before I got to uni, a taxi dived across 2 lanes to get next to me, before his passenger handed me her card as a witness.

    Who should I write the complaint to, and would it actually achieve anything?
  2. Even if nothing else get the witness to write down their version of events while its still fresh in their minds. You can choose what you want to do from there.

    Others may have better advice but I would:

    Contact the nearest station and see if you can find who the supervising officer of the driver (or the station where the car is based).

    Write your complaint and send it in along with the witness statement to that officer + CC whoever you can think of (your local member, police commissioner, today tonight etc)
  3. Read this page from the Police Integrity Commission and submit the complaints to all relevant parties.

    The PIC can be called if you need more information or advice.
  4. I would. Police Officers need to be held accountable for their actions and quite frankly aren't above the law. Yes, they do a tough job I wouldnt want to do. But it does not excuse them from such behaviour.
  5. you've met a bad apple.....i dealt with a great copper on sat night, courteous, helpful etc...

    get the statement, get your own statement together, think about it hard for a few days and either let it go or go and report the copper. that sort of behaviour is not on.....
  6. I would recommend AGAINST making an issue.
    Many years ago I made a complaint against 2 officers who refused to advise their names or service numbers. I subsequently received feedback from their superior that they had been disciplined for the matter.
    Fast forward about 3 years. I had another run in with a detective who took it upon himself to play highway patrolman. When the matter went to court, it came up that he was warned over police radio that I had a secret police intelligence file stating I had a record for making false complaints against police. This counted heavily against me.
    Now, had I done something wrong, I would man up and admit to it. In both these events I was, from my perspective, totally justified in taking the actions that I did. However, through no fault of my own, I was branded a troublemaker and paid the price.
    So unless you have fifty million witnesses who are all prepared to front up and back you, leave it alone.
    It just ain't worth the price.
  7. Yes that's right the "boys" look after eachother. You can't win, even if you think you have..
  8. That's scary.

    I guess we had it lenient when a cop decided to hold us and 12 other bikes up at Macq Pass the other weekend to let all the cars through first...

    to be fair i guess there was a bike accident nearby, but they'd just finished cleaning it up.
  9. I thought about it from that side of the coin, and that was one of the reasons I kept on to uni instead of chucking a fit on the side of the road. Now that I've had a bit of a breather I don't really know what I want to come of this.

    I'm completely sure that it won't change her attitude, given by the fact that her first reaction was to throw on the sirens and cry abuse. For now I'll shoot the witness an email and see if I can grab a statement and sleep on it for a couple of days.
  10. There was a thread on Whirlpool (motorbike related thread), which basically had a bloke who the cop was giving bad attitude, booked him for illegal handlebars (he had Victorian engineer certification or whatever), any way the bloke made a complaint to ombudsman, and they told him to go to the coppers LAC and talk to someone of authority there, he ended up doing that and then the cop who got the fine had 'mediation' with the cop and his supervisor and got an apology from the officer in question and left it at that.

    So going by that if you do decide to take it further then grab the witnesses account ASAP and make a complaint to the LAC, if anything it'll be on the cops record and if others make complaint they can see that XX cop has a history of driving like an idiot.
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  12. OP, you have a rare opporunity (independent witness). There is a complaint form on the website but it is absurdly short to allow any meaningful complaint. I suggest you write in if you want to feel better. But the sad reality is you never know when making a complaint will come back to bite you in the arse - its a shame that this corrupt reality exists, oh well.

    I've previously used the complaint form and noted I haven't been able to fit the complaint in the box and that I'd like an email address so I can send in a complaint. The response I got dismissed the matter before my complaint was even heard!. They don't want to hear complaints, they look out for each other.

    As I understand it the PIC is for serious issues, which I understand but it means that any minor complaint is swept under the carpet since they are dealt with internally.
  13. The PIC is for serious issues but the page I linked talks about the process for the less serious complaints they don't handle and also offers a number to call for advice on making any complaints.
  14. Okay guys here is my plan, go deep undercover and become a HWP Officer, then go around giving other cops tickets. Seriously it shits me off how there is all this zero tolerance crap for minor offences yet you see cops (without lights and sirens) committing them all the time.

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
  15. We made complaints against corrupt DOCS officials a few years ago to the ACCC. They didn't handle the complaint them selves, but they added it to the file, and passed it on to the right people. There was enough complaints against this lot to REALLY bring the hammer down not to long after that.

    I have wondered if the same would work against bad cops???
  16. Take a deep breath, let it out slowly, move on.
  17. Unless the witnesses card has yada yada QC or barrister on it forget it.
    If you were in Melbourne they would have got out and shot you. They will lie and your witness will get cold feet. And you will be left high and dry.
  18. I have made a complaint before


    It was given to the officer at the command it happened to who deals with them.

    I had a squad car drive 40kms down the F6 freeway, at night, in the rain with no head lights on what so ever, not even parkers.

    I gave the time date and car involved.

    The officer in charge of the complaint called me a week after it happened, He said the driver of said car was returning from sydney and did not know how to turn the lights on, she admitted it, and he sent a notice thru the command about being familiar with the cars they drive.
  19. My first thought was WTF? , but the scary thing is that I wasn't surprised.

    To the OP, I think you're lucky you didn't get a ticket from the bitch, I'd take a deep breath and move on or you might find her or her mates following you around waiting for the chance to ping you.
  20. Imo you should take the risk that it might bite back and make the complaint.

    The more people give up because of fear of another's power, the more power they get; the ones who make a difference are those that don't bow down to anything when they know what they're doing is right.