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[NSW] Mac Pass/Kangaroo Valley, Sat Nov 15th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Marika Koncek

    Roll up and rev it up for a ride to Robertson for a pies recess via the Royal National Park, Mac Pass, followed by Kangaroo Valley for lunch.

    MEET PLACE: Sylvania Mcdonalds, Princess Highway, Sylvania

    map can be found here: http://www.whereis.c...

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  2. and once again here is the rest of the details...

    map can be found here: http://www.whereis.com/nsw/sylvania/formosa-st?id=1F00A16350B3E2

    MEET TIME: 9:00AM


    ROUTE: Royal National Park, Freeway to Albion Park, Mac Pass, Robertson, Kangaroo Valley, Free way home

    ARRIVAL TIME: aprox 4pm-5pm in Sydney

    this is a long ride with some technical sections, not for the begginer rider, come along meet some new riders and have fun out on the roads!

    PM me for more details or if any questions!
  3. Lol are you serious? I posted this ride a while ago, and had about 20 odd bikes for the ride, half of which were learners.

    Yes, it is a long ride, but besides the Pass, which is not at all a difficult ride if you ride within your limits, there are no other 'technical' sections. And a group ride is always at a relaxed pace so there's no reason for Learners to get intimidated.

    I reckon it's a great opportunity for learners to group ride!
  4. Why the boring Freeway from Sydney to Wollongong? Does nobody know of the existence of the almost-deserted Princes Highway (and the lovely twisties at Helensburgh??)

    I'd have to agree with Neel, come one, come all, the Pass is easy if you don't think you're Rossi, (and are NOT) and the rest is good roads, with great scenery.
  5. Hey is the highway in good condition? Ive avoided it so far thinking it would be full of potholes and unmaintained since the freeway opened. If its in good nick it'd be a nice change from the Nat Park run occasionally. As you say the freeway is not much fun.
  6. The old Highway is in outstanding condition, and well maintained throughout its whole length. I haven't driven the freeway, or ridden it, for literally years, including long stints of commuting to various parts of Sydney.
  7. Not all group rides are at cruisy pace. Prob the organiser here was referring to a faster pace ride where Ps/Ls might get left behind and lost. Seen few riders got lost in that area. Its okay if there are few Ls & Ps who can look after themselves without getting lost > run out of fuel.

    If I ride with a group of similar skill/pace, similar bikes, then the pace will be faster than mixed-bag group. There are more regroup points too with mixed-riders. I know bout posted speed its etc but it just happened to be fffast sometimes... :wink: :LOL:
  8. OK, the devil is in the detail, Neel. The ride link to the calendar posts this as a Group Four Ride, which probably is a bit much for Ls and Ps, irrespective of distance....

  9. *shrugs*

    I don’t think it should deter a learner from coming. OK, obviously if the organiser is trying to keep at a spirited pace, and you just got your licence a day before the ride, then maybe think twice before coming, but if you've ridden a little bit and are still alive, I guess it wouldn't be a bad opportunity to venture on a group ride.

    But anyway, like I said before it's not really a difficult ride.
  10. Regardless of what anyone may think of Macquarie Pass and it's suitability for all riders the facts say otherwise. Averaging more than one motorcycle accident per fortnight (144 in 5 years, including 6 fatalities) and that's just the reported accidents means it has be near the top, if not the top, of the motorcycle accident black spots for this state. The technical aspect of the road is not the only issue you have to consider. A lot of people like using this road as a racetrack so you've got to be ready to avoid their mistakes as well. I'd suggest that it's the kind of road where inexperienced riders really need the accompaniment of an experienced rider to help give them a buffer zone from the traffic so they can concentrate on the road. This ride is indicated as being a faster paced ride means it's not being designed to cater for that so perhaps inexperienced riders who want to come should consider finding an experienced rider who will ride with them prior to the event. Alternatively they could consider going on the Pacific/Putty ride organised specifically for them on the same day https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=58862
  11. All going well I'll be there. :cool:
  12. goodness me how this thread has exploded! thankyou Sblack he has made the exact point i would have made, learners can ride any road...not any ride, the riders made the ride and the conditions, not so much the road, anywho....if your considering coming and your in the catagory learner/p PM me and we will discuss.

    yes a more exciting route can be taken on the way home but depending on time commitments of the group and people just wanting to get home and sleep, after the huge day of riding most people want to go the quickest way, on the day if there is popular demand i might take a fun way home...but we shall see!
  13. If the forecast goes as predicted and it's raining in the morning is it still on?
    Supposed to be clearing in the morning for a fine day.

    I'd still be keen.
  14. i dont cancel rides unless its pouring and im waiting at the meet point and no one turns up :grin:
  15. cool see ya there then.
  16. Your figures on the Macquarie Pass are misleading, at least. In the last 5 years there has been 4 riders killed on the Pass, but only two of them in the actual main part of the road, where the corners are. One was about a third way up some years ago, (Keith Green??) and one was just before the first hairpin on the way up, last year. I can't comment on the first, but the last was purely the rider's own fault. Other riders in the area at the time of the accident said that he and his mate were riding like idiots, and it was only a matter of time before the accident occured. In point of fact, that rider was not killed by impact with the wall or a car, but lost control of the bike and crashed into the armco, and was catapulted down into the bush below, where he was killed by the impact of his fall.

    The other two fatalities were also 100% rider induced, occurring eastbound off the railway overpass before the turnoff to Tourist Road. Excessive speed or a low level of rider skill was the main factor in both cases; anyone who rides or drives the Pass as often as I do, or even less, would know that you would have to be doing an iditiotic speed to not be able to negotiate that corner safely.

    You also ignore completely the detrimental and dangerous influence of the massive increase in truck traffic on the Pass, especially in the last couple of years. Many, MANY of the motorcycle accidents on the Pass have been caused by diesel spills and oil spills, and many more by these totally unsuitable vehicles being on the wrong side of the road for most of their passage up and down on an habitual basis.

    Macquarie Pass is a road on which due care needs to be exercised, but if you ride to the conditions and stay on your side of the centre-line, it is a just a normal road with some bends. Most riders would be in far more danger on Parramatta Road on a Friday afternoon at 5:0pm.
  17. I was basing the figures on what was reported in the news back in August. The mercury article is still available at http://www.illawarramercury.com.au/...e-pass-too-unsafe-for-old-bikers/1255990.aspx

    Very true, was just talking to a friend at work yesterday who hit a patch of diesel in his car and spun around, luckily without hitting anything, including the Cleary Bros truck which came around the corner just a few seconds after he'd come to a stop.

    My experience tells me my side of the centre-line isn't always enough. I have experienced far more vehicles on the wrong side of the road on Macquarie Pass and the road from Albion Park to the base of the pass than anywhere else. On one trip I had two cases of being on the far left side of the road and still got missed by less than a metre by oncoming vehicles. One was a Harley and the other was a Navara. I would say that only two of my many close calls on the pass haven't involved oncoming vehicles racing down on the wrong side of the road. One of them was at night when a Kangaroo cam flying out of the bushes in front of me and the other was in a car when the rear brakes had a failure that resulted in my rear tyres being coated in brake fluid.

    If YOU post a ride, TURN UP FOR IT.

    If YOU are NOT going to turn up, cancel it with enough time to spare so as not inconvenience the people who ARE going to turn up.

    This morning's effort was just plain pathetic; apart from me (I rode up to Sylvania from Wollongong) ONE rider turned up and the person who posted the ride, or a reasonable deputy, was nowhere to be seen :evil:.