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[NSW] M5 Tunnel speed camera

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by SilverXVS650A, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. The other nite was riding into work coming up to the m5 tunnel. Riding from Liverpool doing 90klm's hr the whole way to just about to enter the tunnel when backing off to 80klm's my bike starts to cough and splatter.
    I change from 5th to 4th doing 60klms and now inside the tunnel in the right lane. I open the throttle change to 5th and seems ok but all of a sudden cough, splatter me thinking great now what in the tunnel bike is about to sh%t itself. I go back to 4th getting worse. Again I open the throttle seems ok change to 5th great bike is ok .....OH NO THE SPEED CAMERa I'VE GONE PAST IT!!!! Look down im doing 90klm's hr!!!! I don't know if i went over it at 60,70,80,90!!!

    My questions now is do those damn cameras work in the tunnel?
    Friend of mine said no they don't work.
    I'm on my P's which means I will lose my licence for 3mths :(

  2. 1. No idea
    2. That would be fraud, and if you get causght you and your mate or in for so much worse. And sorry, I do not accrue demerits for anyone(Well maybe Milla Jovovich)
  4. I assume you know there is only one speed camera in the tunnel. the rest are just traffic surveillance. i've got no reason to doubt that they work.

    having said that, your speedo is likely to be out (going slower than displayed) and there is a tolerance on the camera. also its dark enough in the tunnel to be able to tell if it flashes.
  5. It's not worth worrying about the speed camera now, if it happened to get you for speeding, it's happened and worry when you get the letter. And yes, I have seen the city bound camera flash today.

    Spend your worry time on your bike, and find out why it wanted to cough and splutter on you, before it happens in a worse place, and doesn't want to come back to life.
  6. Cos it's a cruiser. :LOL:

    OT though, cop it on the chin dude. Theres a decent chance that your speedo's out by just enough to let you scrape through with the camera's tolerance, I've gone through cameras at 94 in a 90 zone, with traffic pulling away from me.
  7. From memory, the speed camera is located at the third variable speed limit sign which means it is fairly deep into the tunnel. If this moment occured at the entrance then you should be ok.
  8. Thanks everyone for your input.
    Yes I know its the 3rd speed sign displaying 80 going in and outbound.
    I guess I'll just have to see if I get the mail!!!

    I got the air box modified and carbs rejetted and spoke to mechanic is it hasn't happened since then and we have so far come up with maybe a bit of crap going thru the carbs.

    Thanks once again for your input.
  9. Thera please tell me how either of the two questions he posted implies that he or his mate want to commit an act of fraud????

    +1 to what grange said about it been in the past. If u going to get a present in the mail its going to happen.

    +1 to what Lilley and Azamakumar said about your speed reading. I know that i have an error of 10% test by a mate with access to a radar gun.
  10. The post was edited, take a guess.
  12. Thanks for pointing that out AZ. Didn't even take notice of the edit section of the post. That does explain things.

    NOTE TO SELF: open eys!!!
  13. Camera's both ways. take a look. lines on the road are also a big hint.
    I didnt mind the tunnel. can filter reasonably at decent speed and get through the tunnel fairly quickly in peak hour. Also its a big win in the rain. dry and warm, like 28 degrees or something, thats gotta be healthy :LOL: