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[NSW] Lunch at Headlands Hotel, Sun Jul 30th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Jaqhama

    Lin and Jaq hereby invite Netriders for lunch at Headlands Hotel Austimeer.
    Meet just before the entrance to the Royal National Park at Sutherland. (the soccer field car park)at 10.30am to 11am.
    Ride thru the RNP and stop at Bald Hill lookout point.

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  2. I can make this, I have a big night the night before.
    Company xmas in july do at a pretty well known venue in this great city of ours, I know i might get thrashed and end up sleeping in the city. A trip down the headlands would be a good morning after cure.

    I'm going to cage it !

    DENNIS !!! . . . wanna come along ???
  3. Cage it????

    You have a car???

    I thought you were a real biker???

    >>>Shakes head sadly.

    I'll do the same as last time, up early and check the weather...post up a go or no go.
  4. Jaq this date is in conflict with the Sydney Spanner day 30 July.
  5. Lin and I are going down to Headlands for lunch, we're not forcing
    people to join us. :LOL: :LOL:
  6. I've made arrangements with dennis the haggis to come along.
    so count us two in.
  7. Well now, as Haggis has promised to shout everyone who turns up lunch and a round of drinks I think he's more than welcome. :LOL:

    Good on you Haggis mate. :LOL:

    I did get that message correct yes? No? Maybe? Hopefully? Wishfully? :LOL:
  8. Sound good ,would be a good ride to test the new wheels out .
    As always im a maybe ,freaken work gets in the way of my fun as normal.
  9. Hey yeah!

    I can take the Suzi for a blast thru the RNP, make sure it's stable at all speeds, handles those 25/35 K corners alright at 50 to 60 K.
    Check the ground clearence over the bumps and pot-holes.
    Just generally give it a proper road test.
    No, no, don't thank me mate, it's my pleasure. :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Owww shit I want to come along with this ride too! Jaq will you teach me a few things about fixing bike on the day so I can pike out of the Spanner Day II?


    I'm caging it, so I have space to carry the 600pages ! :LOL:
  12. The indicator on the front right hand side requires A: A new bulb.
    B: A new cover. C: A screw.

    There ya go, helping already. :LOL:

    How does a VTR 250 manual help someone with a CBR 250 RR Micky?

    Sajie...I can show you a few things, some of them even bike related. :cool:
  13. i am trying hard to make this one, have to have a few things fall my way though.
    Will be good to finally meet everyone.

  14. Good onya Don.
  15. Its an open invite Jaq, I have two copies which I had promised other VTR250 owners to off load to.
  16. Hey Jaq, with a big bit of luck the Hornet may well be back on the road this weekend, in which case I'd love to join the assembled denizens braving the rotting eaves and wobbly tables of the Headland Hotel :LOL:
  17. Good stuff Hornet.

    My mate Dave may come with me, he rocked up at my place today on a brand spanking new CBR 900 Honda. Very tasty.

    And now a note on SAFETY in the RNP....

    Because of all the rain recently many parts of the Park will have water on the roads. Frequently on curves and corners.
    The water is often accompanied by red gravel/dust and leaf/grass debris.
    It's the run-off from the rain and lasts for many days after the last deluge.

    It is slippery.

    Be aware of this on every blind corner, also be aware that green moss will likely be all over the road thru the rain forest in the Waterfall section.
    Especially on the parts of the road constantly over-shadowed by trees or where it is darker and gloomy.

    Anyone who wants to go fast...feel free to go on ahead and we'll meet you at Stanwell Tops.

    Cheers: Jaq.
  18. I don't know the area too well, do you mean the ovals off Rawson Av or the little exit off the Princess Hwy just before the exit for Farnell Av.)?

    I'd like to come and meet some people, as long as I can finish up some commitments early that morning.

  19. Just before you get to the turnoff for the RNP there are soccer fields and a car park on your left (just after crossing some railroad tracks.) This is heading north to south.

    Meet there.
  20. I've been abandonded for the weekend again so if I can drag my sorry a@s out of bed i'll come along.