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[NSW] Lunch at Camden Valley Inn, Sun Aug 6th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Jaqhama

    Sunday ride from Sutherland to Picton to Camden Valley Inn.
    Meet at 9am to 9.30am at Loftus Oval.
    Ride down the Old Princes Hwy, turn right towards Picton.
    Refreshment stop at King Georges Taven.
    On to Burranwang Lookout via good bike roads, photo ...

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  2. hey, rather than stopping at Picton !

    Extend the trip and ride along Burragorang Rd to Oakdale and finish off at the look out overlooking Lake Burragorang. Theres a few twisties, but essentially its a dead end unless you go over the edge into Sydneys water supply. :p
  3. Put the joint and the whiskey down and go back and read
    my post again. :LOL:

    I admit I mis-spelt Burragorang, but the Lookout IS over the Lake.
  4. oooops, let me put the Chardonnay down . . . .

    How did I miss that. :?

    Just read it !
    That is a good route !!!
    I'm in !!
  5. I always pick good roots. :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Sounds good ,i like the valley Inn beer garden or should I say beer PARk ....its huge, good food ,and fun roads last time we went that way.

    Jaq, you will have to get up at 6am and check the weather... for the thunder birds ,GO or NO GO. :LOL: :LOL:

    I'll wait till i see the weather for the weekend ,if its good i'll take sunday off ,and meet at the HBB 8am -- 8.15 am .....then ride over to oval. :)
  7. Ok Sled you keep the weather reports up to date.
    I never go by anything the met office says, it's as spot on as the NSW lottery.

    I'll post up a go or no go at 7am. (Or close to it.)

    The things I do for you blokes and blokesses.
  8. Sorry guys, all good bike roads closer than 250kms to Sydney have been closed till I get a new bike :wink:
  9. I might be in this ride. Sounds like a nice one.
  10. If Micky's going to iniciate the VTR presence, you'll have to count me in should the weather hold (Doesn't look good).
    Unfortunatly I'll have to meet you guys at Camden as I reckon no good coming from Penrith to Sutherland just to come back again (Yeah I'm a pussy), plus I'm technically still an L plater so I don't want to be a nuisance.

    ...though the top speed increase due to weight distribution from my plate 'falling off' is amazing....
  11. Glad to have you with us Scrambles, why don't you meet us at the King Georges Pub at Picton mate?

    I guesstimate ETA to that location as 10.30 to 10.45 am.
  12. We're using the Roo roads. Daredevils all. :LOL:
  13. Now that sounds even better! I just might if the weather behaves...(Our weather dept. guys don't sound confident damnit.)
  14. I'm in, got back last night and I SO need a good ride! :twisted:
    Will go rain, hail or shine.
    Would you guys like a translation of the aviation weather report? They are generally pretty good as pilots use them to decide if they are going to crash or not so the Bureau makes sure they are right. Will post it up early.
    Right, off to the Nasho! :biker:
  15. Welcome home fly boy. Are you done with playing your little war games for now....? Hopefully we can catch up on Sunday.....

  16. I'll be doing the Picton or Camden meet also.

    Can't do the round loop !
    My entry visa into the Shire has expired ! :LOL:
  17. Wanna come with? Although thats probably not a good idea as the site of that much VTR power barrelling down the road might cause a panic :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Shhhh. See, if I tell you then I will have to shred you. 8-[ Remember, Big Brother isn't over, he has just gone back to running the country.
  19. I'll post up later tonight my route to meet others at Picton.
    I'm coming from the Norwest area, so others who have also had their Shire visas expired can come along. :LOL:
  20. Rock and roll.