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NSW - Lost my filtering virginity today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by GnomeOomps, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. So it had to happen at some point, and today was the right time for it as well.

    I don't know how many people may of heard about the tree falling over in Forestville but it had apparently managed to take out powerlines in the process which in turn knocked out all the stop lights in the area.

    I turned onto Forest Way Road and was presented with a queue of traffic which I thought was just the normal morning traffic that is present each day.
    After moving a few meters each minute, the heat in the leather jacket getting annoying and staring at the back of the same bloody hyundai with the banged up boot for 10 minutes I figured feck it, time to jump into this black art called filtering.

    So I had a look either side of the Hyundai and was presented with the Smith Chips truck, the ANL Landscaping semi's (worst abbreviated company name in history as well btw.) and cars that like to hug the inside of their lanes.
    No way for me to move between the traffic without hitting something.

    So I bid my time carefully and as soon as a gap opened up I took it, low speed control and careful monitoring of the vehicles around me and I had already passed about 10 car lengths but got caught behind more trucks with no way to filter through. So I jumped back into the queue.
    I was so chuffed with myself that I had progressed in the queue quicker than those that had been in front of me. I wanted more of this!
    It was annoying however to look over on the far lane to see it move quicker than the one I was in, I wanted to be inside this lane... 8-[

    I managed to jump across the lanes into the far left lane before coming up to Warringah Road, I smiled as the cars on my right grew smaller in my side mirror which turned into a smirk as I knew that I would be cutting back into the center lane to turn right onto Warringah Road.
    As the right hand turn approached the cause of the traffic became apparent with the flicking orange light from the stop light being out, farking great.
    I figure that I can just go to the very top of the queue and fly away from this traffic at the first sign of a break in it.
    That was when I saw the Policeman that was directing traffic look straight at me from the stop lights, this exchange of eye contact allowed me to perform the most skillfull right-hand-blinker-cut-in that I have ever seen.
    Now that my arse was firmly clenched at the thought that I was going to get pulled over I realised the poor guy had more things to worry about than me and was focusing more on trying to direct a hundred vehicles that have been stuck where they were for the last hour through the intersection.

    I gleefully passed him when it was our turn to move onto Warringah Road and saw that the traffic was nothing compared to that which was sitting on Warringah Road. 3 lanes of traffic barely moving stretched as far as the eye could see.
    I prepared for the next installment of filtering, the hunger was taking over me.
    I jumped back in and resumed the filter through to Roseville bridge where low and behold another light was out and a Policeman was directing traffic.
    But I didn't care, I had just overtaken a hundred cars which will more than likely still be sitting in the same spot for the next hour. This is awesome!

    I finally made my way up to the cause of all this drama where Police had redirected the traffic heading to Chatswood onto the other side of the road taking out 2 of the 3 lanes that were heading the other way.
    After passing the diversion and getting onto Roseville Bridge it was smooth sailing in.

    I arrived at a client site and proceeded to hug my bike for getting me through that. I found out this arvo that someone that was going the same direction on me took them 2.5hrs to get to work. I got to my client in 45mins.

    Needless to say, I was very happy that I rode today :D
  2. My Filtering record is 17kms. March 2010. Heading North out of Goulburn where a semi was overturned across 2 lanes. God Bless motorcycles!!
  3. Good on you for having a go. It's a great feeling :D. Just don't ever get complacent.

    I can boast 50 odd miles, but that was a long time ago and in another country and using the M25 is probably cheating :twisted:.
  4. Too bad you lost your virginity in NSW. If it was Vic I could keep an eye out for you and try to help you find it.
  5. Good to hear, OP :)
  6. It's a great feeling ain't it.

    I smile aswell when I'm filtering.

    Until of course you reach 2 semis side by side. In which you run in your mind, can I make it, can I not?

  7. I lost mine just last week - most of the length of Terrigal Drive due to an accident there.

    Well it wasn't really filtering - more just riding in the bicycle lane S L O W L Y to get past stopped traffic

    LOL \/\/\/\/\/ Tags
  8. Its a great feeling, I used to leg it all the way through the m5 tunnel on my rusty knackered 250 near the airport all the way to casula, good god, middle of summer, clogged up tunnel, loads of fumes, but god damn, 40mins to get home, took 1.5 hours in a cage, great feeling.
  9. It's called trickling!!
  10. Ahahahaha - Good read Ben!

    Fun Ha!
  11. Exactly!
    And one very good reason to ride a bike.

    So then they go and make it illegal! Bloody retarded!

    Welcome to the dark side. Oh! Did you keep a tally of how many defenseless animals you maimed along the way? (coff)
  12. Classic Ben. Delivered with your usual panache! (sp?)

    I often get stuck on the Pacific Highay into the city and see scooters manage to slip through spaces I can't get through and my jealousy get spat into my helmet! :(
  13. Had some 2 legged dildo turd throw an empty plastic water bottle at me, missed by 3 inches, hope he crashes into an aids tree.
  14. 616 or 666... Lost count for a bit.

    I got to do it on the way home aswell, eastern valley way is bad at the best of times, it was nice to just float on through... Especially to the riced up astra with exhaust who flogged it from the lights to get in front of me only to see me slip on past him singing "chitty chitty bang bang" out loud.
  15. Congratulations! I watch other riders do it all the time and dream of the day when I am at that skill level. No looking back for you now.
  16. I'm always reminded of Scrat running between the two glaciers in the opening sequence of Ice Age :LOL:
  17. i did my first filter today on the way home from work as well =D>

    2 things made my mind up to do it, first was the sheer heat of being stuck at the lights for three changes (dam cagers if the light is green go dont stop cause you think its ganna change soon you know there is 2ks of traffic behind you) and the second reason is this guy in this rust bucket over takes me at every set of lights and then holds me up while i wait for his 900 meter climb back to 60k/h
  18. :rofl:
    Bahaha his a squidtard

    Welcome to man hood ben it feels good dont it knowing all those cagers are there fuming and oh so very jealous of you
  19. I had a car, stop me from getting into a lane during the rain by purposely speeding up, but at the next lights, I went in front of him just as the arrow was changing, and he had to wait for the next light change, ha ha ha. If I hadn't of been there he would of made it, and I wouldn't of gone in front of him if he hadn't tried to stop me merging into the lane.

    Filtering is one of the reasons why I bought a bike. I have found the lighter and narrower the bike the easier it is.
  20. I'm still too scared to try on my Bandit, I've done nearly 400kms and there have been some good opportunities/big gaps but I don't have the confidence in my low speed manuevering yet (I'll make it to a Saturday practice soon). I remember how liberating it was on my first bike the first time I gave it a go though :) Halved my afternoon commute from 20 mins to 10 mins (Box Hill to Mitcham)