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[NSW] Looking for some buddies to ride with!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wideone3, Oct 31, 2015.

  1. Been feeling rather lonely riding solo lately. I have a few mates that I ride with but half the time they're working or at uni. I'm a 18 yr old so I'm gonna guess it'll be better to have someone on the younger side, although there's nothing to say I wouldn't get on with an older fellow. Anyway I'm in the Sydney north shore region and am free pretty much every weekend. If your up for a partner in crime or have any spots in a current riding group, hit me up with a reply or message.
    Cheers everyone

  2. Cheeky fcuker, I'm 21 on certain websites ;)
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  3. Better not be on those dating sites ;) you'll scare all the kiddies :p
  4. Nah, i'm a pc stalker
  5. Reads like "girls need not apply".
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  6. C'mon fin don't be like that........... we all know you can teach a few riders a lesson or two in the twisty stakes.
  7. I'm located up in the Mountains; can easily link up for rides. Pretty free over Summer
  8. Come to the Snowy region. I'll organise it and post up a ride in the coming days. No interest from me in little gay suburban beach crawl rides, can't be bothered starting my bikes for that. Want to ride Aus best roads, come forth to the Alpine region.
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  9. Man i would be sooo keen to do that but have uni exams the next week or two. Plus work is a biatch. Pretty much only got weekends free. I takes me like 3-4 hours to get to the snowy regions too. Wish i lived closer.
    Will hit you up if I'm every in your area :p
  10. im on the plane now
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  11. Takes me the same amount of time, I'm from Sydney. We always have a great ride on the way down, and it gets better as the weekend goes on. You need to develop an on demand nasty cough, or some dodgy Indian dinner reflux at both ends.
  12. Im up for a ride down to the mountains. Im keen to get some long distance riding in somewhen. Just about to hit Uni holidays so its just a matter of working my work shifts around a adventure whether thats on a weekend or mid week. Hit me up with a PM somewhen!