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[NSW] Loftus to Mittagong (Ride and Dinner), Sat Jul 18th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Samir

    Hi All,

    Route from Loftus - Mittagong (Southern Highlands)

    This run will start at Loftus Sports ground, (Princess Hwy, Loftus)
    Meet up at 12pm.

    Then it will head down to Albion Park via the Royal National Park.

    Half way meet point will be ...

    ... more

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  2. I'm there :) Thanks Bell lol
  3. I'll be there, most probably from loftus, if not at albion park depending on family stuffs
  4. I'm not totally sure yet, but i might meet you guys in Loftus. Will let you guys know asap though.

    Have no idea about the area either, so hopefully don't get lost down there lol.
  5. If I can get through all the BS involved in registering my bike on time, I'm in. Will probably do the ride to Loftus first if time permits, otherwise I'll be at Bald Hill waiting patiently near the hot dog van.

    Just a thought, what's the Tourist road like these days? Rough as guts last time I was on it.
  6. I used to avoid tourist road as it would rattle your kidneys loose too, but thye have resurfaced parts and it's not too bad now
  7. Tourist Road is better now since they've re-surfaced it from the Macquarie Pass to the Roberston turnoff, but it's still a lousy road. I often drive it on the way home from work in the afternoon, but I never do it in the morning; too many HUGE kangaroos... And the section from Glenquary School for about 10 kays southwards is, as Wayne says, as rough as guts....
  8. Darn......double darn. Will be in Lightning Ridge that week end. Unfortunately in the cage, not on the bike. :driver:

    Oh well. Next time. Concur with Wade and Paul.....avoid tourist road. Check out the road through East Kangaloon. Very scenic.

  9. can do both, ride the smooth scenic section of tourist road then cut up Kirkland road towards kangaloon and then on to mittagong, plenty of time to work it out, i'm happy to ride anywhere and if it's tourist road all the way at least the rough twisty bits of the road are on a uphill section , seems to make it easier to ride through, pity you can't make it greg but lightning ridge should be interesting too

    And heres the link on netrider for the loftus oval meetup point banga https://netrider.net.au/pics/maps/nsw-loftus.gif
  10. Sweet, thanks mate.
    At least i know where to meet now lol.
  11. Is that pearsons lane?

    Would like to come, but will confirm later.
  12. Grange's fingers are broken :roll: ........ so I will add that he + pillion (me!! :) )will be very pleased to join this ride!! :grin:
  13. whats your twitter address laddd?
  14. who's twitter address was it you after david85dc???
  15. Sign me up please :)
  16. Nope. Tourist Road turns NORTH off Macquarie Pass on the hairpin bend leading up to the railway bridge. Pearson's Lane turns south off the Illawarra Highway on the west side of Robertson.

    Tourist road leads through to Glenquary, and then to Bowral, or, if you turn off at Glenquary, it leads to Old South Road, whcih runs east-west behind Mittagong.

    Pearson's Lane leads to Fitztroy Falls and then to Kangaroo Valley and points south.
  17. Heh, figures that I won't be able to make it to a ride just down the road from me. :)

    Sorry gents, I'll be doing a historic reenactment of this ride from last year. Have fun, though! :cool:
  18. I'll probably be up for this. Not sure if I want to ride home after dinner though, a long ride in the dark for a noob like me :) so I'll probably head straight home from Mittagong. Noone has mentioned it yet so I'm not sure if you are aware the road through RNP was actually closed off last week, they have been doing roadworks for ages. I thought it was finished but got turned around at the the beach turnoff about 1/2 way through and had to go back to the little bridge (I was doing the RNP northbound) and head up to where the freeway starts - sorry not very good with road names. You might want to check if its open or you can just be ready to head down the highway and take the turnoff at the bridge over the highway and do the 2nd half of the southbound RNP run. Its shorter but that road from the little bridge to the freeway has some nice twisties.
    EDIt: aint google maps wonderful..Its Sir Bertram Stevens Dr that was closed off near Bundeena Dr so I had to go back to McKell Ave and head up to Waterfall.
  19. Could always go through Helensburgh, and join up with LHD at Otford. Still get to take our mini Great Ocean Road and Seacliff Bridge.
  20. Haha damn, my knowledge of the southern roads is comical. Will be spending a fair bit more time down south methinks, stunning scenery + twisties = awesome - north is bleak in comparison.