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NSW Licence Requirements

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by AndyMac, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Once you turn 30 your able to get any bike you can afford, right ? Got straight to your P's, etc, etc, etc.

    What are the current car licence requires you need to achieve this allowance ?

    I've got a gold licence, but lost points, does this mean I'm no longer eligable to get this allowance ?


  2. I suggest that you look on the RTA Web Site, or perhaps ring your regional office for a definite answer to this.
  3. AndyMac,
    If you have a gold licence (car) then once you have passed the L and P courses along with the MOST, THEN you can have an 'open' licence but aren't allowed to take a pillion on board with you. While you still are on the 'L' then you are still restricted to 660cc and at whatever power/weuight ratio is deemed 'gutless'.
    I went through this last month and now have a lovely full and 'open' bike licence, Oh yeah I had 3 points off the gold licence anyway, so as long as you are not disqualified or anything its cool. 8)
    Hope this helps :)
  4. If you are 30+ and hold a black or gold license, you go straight from L's to unrestricted when you pass your P's test. As far as I am aware, points have nothing to do with it.
  5. Points wont effect your gold license, only if you loose all of them.

    I think you have to go to the RTA and have the new license issued before you can ride any bike.

    So what new machine do you have planned? :D
  6. Some sort of Ducati.

    600 Supersport or something. I just didn't want to waste my cash on a learners bike, if I could get the bike i wanted first up.

    I'm confident enough to control my throttle urge...At least on teh streets.....Can't wait to hit track days.
  7. Spot on. Being eligible to ride any bike doesn't mean allowed. I was in the situation of being on a 250 restriction(less than 12 months since passing my final licence test in SA) when I moved to NSW. I was eligible for a gold licence and was over 30 so was allowed to instantly go to any size/power bike. No pillions for the original year period though. Bought the CBR the day after walking out of the RTA with the new licence, even though it was only 2 months since getting off the L's. Interestingly, there is nothing on my licence that states I can't have a pillion until whatever date.