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[NSW] Licence Question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Sterny, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. I have my L's and i ride a scooter. I got my L's on a manual and I know that if i get my P's on the scooter i'm gonna have the 'Auto-Only' restriction on my license. The problem is that i do intend to buy a bike in the not so distant future. So my question is, once i move from P's to a full license, does the 'Auto-Only' restriction still apply or will i be able to legally ride a manual motorcycle?

  2. sorry mate, but once a scooter rider, always a scooter rider. :LOL: :wink:
  3. Hi Sterny,

    Not sure about NSW may be worth a call to the RTA to find out. I think that if tested on an Auto vehicle you are restricted to an Auto vehicle for the P1 stage of your license but not when you go to P2.

    Getting your Drivers License (RTA)
  4. Could be wrong, but I was under the impression that Auto only does not aapply to M/c's (scooters).?

    Tex & Bundy
  5. Do you have a car licence at all? I believe if you have a full car one you won't be restricted by auto only in the next phase of your bike licence.
  6. I have my P1 car licence (auto). I know that in terms of a car, if you get your P1 license on an auto, you will be restricted to driving an auto car until your get your P2 licence after a year. Considering in NSW bike licenses go directly from P1 (red p's) to full license, maybe the same applies. I have no intention of being a scooter rider for long. I do enjoy it, however its mainly just a way to start out before i get a real bike. This however, may not be financially viable until after i move to a full license and thus my question.
    Any more info?
  7. If you do the MOST on an auto bike/scooter:

    1) Auto condition until you have the full class 'R' license
    2) Auto condition until you re-test on a manually geard motorcycle.