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NSW legalities , to modifying a motorbike (bodywork etc)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bennjamin, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. hey everyone - have a good new years !

    Anyway , just a thought - Ive had a few ideas for a future purchase ( triumph speed 955) - want to cut back the tail to barely the seat (single seater mod perhaps?) custom shortened exhaust remove as much as possible from the frame and bike. No actual chassis alteration or brakes etc - just dressing it down.

    What are the basic legalities with these kind of modifications in NSW ?

    Any thoughts and experiences greatly appreciated ! Ta
  2. love ya work ! Thanks a million.

    If anyone cares I have been inspired by this kind of thing
    *note very loosely based on this

  3. They'd almost certainly ping you pretty quick for a rear shortened anywhere near like that.

    Go up to a 2005 Speed and it's mostly already done for you.

  4. Woudlnt a properly engineered tail ( perhaps that short , but with full lights rego etc ) be 100% ok ?
    Yeah I realise , just justifying from the 2003 for around $5-7k or spend more and have less custom work to do. Maybe the 2005 with just a custom shorty exhaust might come equal or under budget compared to modifying the older ones
  5. That bike is not legal because the mudguard/tailpiece must extend to a line 45 degrees back from the rear axle.

    Among probably other things.
  6. No - you need a rear fender that covers the rear wheel from the rear axle to 45 degrees back, not sure how far forward it has to be, read through that article posted earlier and it will cover this sort of stuff.

    (Pun intended)

    Edit: Bugger! I got ninja'd!
  7. You'll also find with the 45 degrees, it's measured with a weight of at least 45 kilos on the bike too.
    That RTA pdf is only a basic guide..
    The ADR is what manufacturers use with all bikes to conform in Aus which includes the weight factor.

    Having said that.
    Even manufacturers are pushing the boundaries with fenders where they can.

    Below is the Gladius which probably goes low enough with 45kg of weight but hardly has the same width of the tyre all the way down.

    Others are including a rear tyre hugger to overcome the rule like the ducati.
    BMW too use huggers on some of their models.


  8. It's not even just the lagalities, but that too short a rear will probably be more likely get you stopped for a chat.
  9. Theres more to netrider than general discussion bro. May get more info if you post in the correct section.
    ie, Politics/law blah blah blah.

    Looks good though
  10. I used to enjoy that with my modified RX3 coupe about 18 years ago

    I would shove a 30 page engineers approval under their nose and watch them try to make it look as if they actually understood anything

    Anyway for a decent engineer who is a top bloke try

    Phill Scott Engineering - somewhere in NSW ( was in Sydney ) - but he is a good guy to deal with

  11. Will search him up and have a chat

    Anyone dealt with the engineers / designers in dues ex in Sydney ?