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[NSW] Learners Western Round Trip, Sun Apr 1st

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Paul

    It's round three and we're heading west this time!

    Ride will start at Penrith Krispy Kremes (on Mulgoa Road) and will head over the mountains along the Great Western Hwy. We will follow that ride until just after Victoria Pass we'll turn off and hea...

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  2. I'll let work know I can't work on the 1st asap :LOL: .

    Assuming nothing tragic obstructs me, I'll be coming. And as per usual I'll be following the more experienced riders to give them some tips on how to improve their riding :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    .. or more realistically I'll be within shouting distance of the TEC :cool:
  3. Is it really on the 1st? I heard something about your dad's birthday that date :p

    Anyhow I'll try my best to come. If you need anyone to ride with to figure out the distance, places etc I'd be glad to try and help out, as well as knowing the route so I can take on various roles if needed. :]
  4. i will be coming to this for sure....

    with 3 other mates....
  5. No no, 1st is good. I originally added it for the 25th which was my dads b'day. lol.
  6. If i get them i would like to go.
    Any idea of length of the ride?
  7. I think I'm in so one more.

    Jeff are you doing this one?

  8. Well I guess as you are practically going past my front door I should make an effort to go to this one so I am in. I will be the token 'girl'! :grin: hehe unless Bluestorm wants to take me on the back :wink:
  9. Hey Guys

    I may be in, But depends on if a bucks day will be on the night before or not.

    If i can make it, i was just wondering if there are any people from the Southern/Eastern Suburbs that will be meeting up for the ride to Penrith?

  10. Aww geez i miss out on another ride..this sucks.
  11. Indeed!
  12. We probably will be meeting up at the Caltex near UNSW and head to Liverpool's KK. But nothing's set in stone yet, it's still 2 months away :p
  13. i'll be there, front and center (and riding near the back again...), and the usual Caltex meet for eastern suburbs people/phizog if he wants to!!! :p
  14. Putting this one on my schedule. Had too much fun last time to miss it. See you all there.
  15. i am so in for this. i dont know if i have to work, but ill quit to come anyway :D
  16. thats the way ashim... :LOL:
  17. :D

    Hopefully I have my bike serviced and running well by then. Man April is a long way away ! :(
  18. lol, yeah like i said originally it was on the 25th of March which is a month a way, but then i realised that was my dads bday and prolly couldn't make it, lol. Its only a week later.

    Pfft, and they say these rides only shoot off with about a week to go, less then 24 hours and we're already on the second page :LOL:
  19. That's due to the huge success the last 2 trips have had :]
  20. I can just see Paul

    APRIL FOOLS :rofl: :rofl:

    Hey Will, I am a maybe and will know closer.