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[NSW] Learners Southern Round Trip II, Sun May 27th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Paul

    Hey guys

    Keep this date free because its round 4 of the Learners round trips, and this time we�re heading back south.

    Meet point for the ride is Heathcote Maccas (on the corner of Heathcote Road and the Princess Hwy). From there the ride will h...

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  2. HOPEFULLY I will have a bike fore sure by this date

    Hope I can make it, f i n a l l y . .
  3. oh oh oh i might be in on this one
  4. :tantrum:

    Count me in. Looking forward to jambaroo bit. Might try to keep up the front this time :grin:

  5. lol obviously you havent done the jamberoo pass jared, you say that now, but wait til you come face to face with a public servant in a cage on the wrong side of the road as your leaving the apex
  6. Let's see if I can make it to this one but I doubt it. I think that bloody Pippin play will still be on.

  7. im in this for sure, it'll be good meeting a few netrider members for once as well.

    Missed the last one but should be attending this one.
  8. Ohhh...maybe inner.
  9. Oh yeah im in for this one, With my now loud bike that is video camera equiped :grin:
    Let me know when your doing the recce run Paul and ill come along for that too.
    The countdown is on :LOL:

    I'll have a bike for this one!!!!!!!!!

    and hopefully i'll be on my P's for this one!!!

    and hopefully i'll be able to attend the recce run!!!
  11. where did you fit the vid to the across?
  12. I am in. I do wonder how Paul keeps picking the weekends I dont have my daughter.. Spookily lucky. I am on full license for this one and now I have a month to sell my bike and buy a new one to make you all drool.
  13. I am deffinately interested and in at this stage...
    If im behind in my uni work at the time then i may have to pull out at the last minute like for the western trip..

    If you guys want some company on the recce run then shoot me a pm as i wouldn't mind coming..

    sounds like a good run and should be fun :)
  14. What kind of weak arse uni student are you? I had 2 massive assessments that I was no where near finishing on sundays learner run. And I still made it :grin:

    Come to think of it I should really do them, they were due on tuesday :rofl:
  15. Jamberoo Pass should be finished a major re-surface by then, but, really, it's a very tight road and you don't learn much from it (not trying to change the route, mind.)

    But WHY do you guys always pick the SECOND weekend in a month for these rides??? (I have a regular preaching date in Goulburn on the second Sunday of every month :sigh:).

    Sounds like a fun, fun day, the last Ls southern ride was a ripper, from all reports.
  16. The kind that works full time and has to fit in uni time outside of work hours..
  17. heh...same reason i missed the western round...and come around 7pm when i wouldve been home anyway i realised i hadnt doen anythign all day... :(
  18. I will be there also!

    Got a ride on tomorrow, saturday and now sunday :grin: my behind will never be the same!!
  19. I <3 Mt Kiama

    pending license suspension permitted, i'll try and make it
  20. I made a bracket that bolts on where the fuel lights go, this sits the camera up the top of the dash behind the screen. The way i made it you can still see the dash lights but it does block a bit of the temp gauge and you need to zip strip the fuel lights under the bracket.
    All in all it works pretty well and i cant wait to head out and get some footage. When i paint the bracket ill take a pic and post it up show you