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[NSW] Learners South Coast Round Trip, Sun Dec 10th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Paul

    Meet at the oval car park in loftus for a 10 am start. Will head down to waterfall and through the royal national park to stanwell tops. Then going down the coast road through wollongong and kiama and then up to mount cambawarra. Then back through kang...

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  2. Sounds fun. I should be in for this one.
  3. Sounds great, but as usual I have no clue where the meet point actually is :)
  4. Yeah this sounds like a good ride. You can count me in. It will be a good warm up ride for my trip to melbourne for the netrider Annual BBQ 5 days later.

    You can find more info on that if you like here:


    Josh =0)
  5. Loftus Oval, have a look at the Events page - on the right there is a list of 'popular meeting points' and it is listed there, with a map. Can't ask for more than that.
  6. i might come to this one but if i have been spreading too much christmas cheer the night before i could be a no show.
  7. *bump* Paul and I are doing a recce of this route today, (most of it's in my backyard, after all), so mileages, timings etc will be posted soon!
  8. Hey guys,
    Paul (Hornet600) and myself did this ride yesterday just to set the exact route and get times and distances. It was a great ride, had heaps of fun. Ther’s lots of fun twisty bits as well as lots of places to just take it easy along. Scenery wise the trip is also brilliant.

    Loftus Oval Carpark Arr. 9:50 Dep. 10:00


    Bold Hill (Stanwell Tops) Arr. 10:35 Dep. 10:50


    Kiama Arr.12:20 Dep. 1:20


    Mount Cambawarra Arr. 2:1 Dep. 2:25


    Kangaroo Valley Arr. 2:45 Dep. 3:00


    Fitzroy Falls Arr. 3:20 Dep.3:40


    Narellan Maccas Arr. 5:30

    OK, this is just a very rough guide to times for the day. I’ve generally allowed for 15 mins at each stop for people to stretch there legs and relax a bit. I’ve also got time allowed in there for a 15 minute break in Windang and at the petrol station / maccas on the side of the freeway before the picton road exit. The ride will officially end at narellan maccas where we can all grab another bite to eat and then go off when we’re ready. The trip all up is 245km, so it is a long day for newbs. The group will split into 2 in Kiama after lunch. For people who are finding the day too long, they can head straight back up to Sydney, however if you can handle it, I strongly recomend the trip after Kiama as it has a lot of fun sections.

    We think we need about 6 experienced riders on the ride. If you can come along please pm me so that i know. Paul (Hornet 600) has already put his hand up for this ride. Special thanks to him for coming along with me yesterday for the ride.

    Hope to see many of you there,
  9. If you don't come for the ride, at least come for the breath-taking view of half of the NSW South Coast from Cambewarra Lookout :shock:




    It will be a good ride for novice riders; there are only a couple of sections where you will be on 100kph or more highway, the rest is around the 80kph, and it should be easy to keep the group together and have a fun day.

    As Paul says, can we have the support of a few experienced riders to mix in with the group and mentor the riders???
  10. Horett600,

    This sounds to be a great ride to biult your confidence up on the road perfect for me :grin: , but I will have to give this one a miss as sunday's are out for me :cry:
    Those pictures look beautifullllllll. :grin:

    Have Fun
    Cheers Lou
  11. Hey Guys,

    I should be in for this one! I am noob, so dont count me as an experienced rider! LOL, I am looking forward to doing Kanga Valley, I haven't had a chance to do this yet!

  12. Well done Paul and Paul. Yeah Paul Hall (hornet600) is a top bloke and an experienced rider so having him along on the ride will be a great addition. You can definately count me in on this. It'll be good to get the body ready for my melbourne trip.

    I might scout the trip out myself next weekend or the one after as well just to get familiar with the route. I guess you can kinda call me an experienced New comer. I'm definately no seasoned pro but i have done a lot of long rides (i.e. Sydney to melbourne and back 4 weeks after getting my L's) with Lots of trips ranging around the 150-200km mark (i.e. When i attend a Homebush Bay Coffee night).

    So i'd be happy to be counted as a mentor or "experienced" rider on this trip if you like. I also live locally to the Wollongong area so i know it pretty well. What do you think Paul????
  13. Be great to have along, Josh :)
  14. I hope to come along on this trip if i get the day off.
    If I do ,I'm happy to sit at the back and make sure no one get left behind.
  15. ill be a maybe. id love to come but my boss will probably want me to work. sounds like an awsome ride.

  16. Sounds like a good ride. Done it all either on the bike or in the car and it's a good trip.

    Like the pics of Berry(?) from the look out there.

    See how it goes, should be up for this ride.
  17. I like the sound of the ride and its ambient surrondings, but coming from the central coast will make it a rather large ride with work the next day, ouch :wink:
    If it were on a Sat i'd be riding through the scenic valleys of the south coast, i'll keep my eye on this thread, might have to do it on the Sun then, it sounds like too much fun
  18. I might be able to make it to this one and am happy to help out where required :)
  19. I know the roads well, and been riding for a few years, so put me down to help out.

  20. Wish i did'nt work Sundayz!~

    Will see how today's ride goes!