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[NSW] Learners Run, Sun Jul 1st

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: ginji

    Break out the LAM bikes, we're off to invade the scenic Wollondilly Shire!

    Meeting at Narellan McDonalds at 10:00am and departing at 10:20am, we'll be heading up The Northern Road a bit before turning off in Bringelly onto Greendale Road, which we'l...

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  2. we're away!

    contact me for more info if you want, please let me know if you're coming!


    ihaveduff (maybe)
    lastlineofdefence (maybe)
    furrycreature (maybe)
    ewok2000 (Pending Approval from SWMBO)
    Veilspade (Weather permitting)
    keisha (Weather permitting)

    Somewhere Between:
    owenst (~75%)
    chickbabe (maybe)


    Hornet600 (maybe)
    steve2909 (maybe)
    fabo (80%)
    TotalPanic's Friend
    haggis (pending work)

    People who weren't definite and now can't

    People, things to bring:

    Water and/or other drinks
    Snack food
    Warm gear, Wollondilly is not known for being warm!

    A slight change to the route, we'll probably skip Montpelier Drive
    Map of the route

    I'll be hitting this road sometime before the ride to see if it's good to go to after the first bit... looks like fun :cool:

    My mobile is 0431 473 911, call it if you have any questions, or you're lost on the day trying to get there...
  3. I'm interested and yes, I will be one of the L platers.
  4. L plater

    Just put it in to my calendar! Will be there.

  5. P plater, masquerading as an L plater here.

    I'm down.
  6. L plater, P plater, doesn't matter, as long as you're willing to learn!
  7. put me down as a maybe..
  8. put me in as another L'plater

    anyone from south west (say livo area) want to meet up then make our way to narellan maccas?
  9. Sounds good, just need some more exp. riders. Has the run been planned with fuel stops and lunch and what not?
  10. fuel is available on the route, but i would suggest to people to have a full tank when they get to Narellen as it can be expensive. Lunch will be at Picton, and as we're stopping fairly often, people can snack and drink along the way :)

    Are you coming lastlineofdefence?
  11. im in , im on my l's and keen to ride some twsitys
  12. Come on experienced riders, we need you! :)

    When we meet up I guess we'll have to match partners depending on what they're having difficulty with. I'm hoping to come out of the day with a better corner line, better seat position, and general cornering techniques.
  13. Maybe depends if i get my Ps or not :D
  14. Doesn't matter if you have your P's or not, provided you have a riders license ;)

    We do need more experienced riders, come along, even if it is just for the ride!
  15. Ill c u guys there - Lplaterz0r :p
  16. would love to be there, but I'll be waiting for the next round, i'm going for pre learners mid july!
  17. Put me down for a maybe at the moment and i will check the roster at work.
  18. i'm presuming as a learner?
  19. Hi all... I and Jezebel (bikes name) will try to make it depending on domestic commitments. No not the cleaning kind....hope weather is dry!! Steve

    Whoops! forgot ... experienced