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[NSW] Learners northern round trip, Sun Feb 4th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Paul

    I'll leave Liverpool Krispy Kremes on the Cumberland Hwy at about 8:45 for those from the area who want to meet me there, but the ride will officially start at McDonalds at Mcgraths Hill. From there it will head up to Wisemans Ferry. From there it will...

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  2. Wheeee round two, count me in.

    So much for telling work I can 'always, no matter what, always work saturday and sunday', bahaha. + Theres the camp quality thing on the 17th. Bah its a crap job anyway :LOL: :LOL: :cool:
  3. this should be a fantastic ride and i can personally vouch for paul, and im sure all those who went on his south coast run can too.

    i have work on the day, so i probably wont be able to make it...ill do my best to take the day off though.

    hopefully ill see you guys come feb 4th!
  4. The last run down south was awesome and has had me hooked since so yeah I've been waiting for this one!!!. I haven't been through this route before so i guess i'll be one of the newbies.
  5. Looks like a good ride... pitty I wont be able to attend :(
  6. Ill most probably be in for this one.

    Im on my p's and pretty comfortable on my bike but have never been on a group ride.. or riden with anyone for that matter.. (and i could probably do with some pointers as i am probably developing bad habits)

    I havent posted on the forums in a fair while but have still been checkin in.
    Every time theirs a ride i havent been on ive regretted it so ill be there.

    ill meet at liverpool and head in from there.
  7. hell yeah i'll be in for this one. ive heard this route is awesome, too good to miss.

  8. I'll probably come along and mop up the stragglers again :LOL: :LOL:

    Anybody got any ideas where the Northern beaches riders will meet??

    Shopping centre beside the caltex at St Ives??

    What time at Maccas at McGaths hill and will Glen (McGrath) be there?? :rofl:
  9. I swear I'm not a straggler :oops: hehe I've racked up another 1500kms experience since last time so shouldn't be so much of a burden :LOL:

    Meeting point for northern beaches riders sounds good tho since getting to liverpool still confuses me :shock:
  10. lol, yeh i don't mean for everyone to come to livo. Its just i know there'll be at least four of us from the area and probably some others. We mite has well ride up together. If you guys can meet in smaller groups before you come thats cool, just make sure your at Mcgraths hill maccas 15 -20 mins before the ride starts, maybe a lil earlier for those like me who will need breakfast :grin:
  11. Ya I know liverpool meet was for liverpoolians but its easier to get to than mcgraths (in my head) and been meaning to find my way over there anyway. :LOL:
  12. So mr phizog, does this mean your gonna be sitting up my arse right up the front this time, lol.
  13. It takes 3.5 hours """"non stop"""" at a cruising pace from parramatta and back.

    I did it the other day ,the roads in good condition .
  14. I will be in for this one.. Will have had my L's for one month by the time of the ride.. And any one from the Bathurst/ Orange/ Lithgow area who wants to meet up before for the Bells line run before hand, let me know. ;)

    ** Edit, And what time are we meeting at Mcgraths Hill?
  15. :shock: Wow thats a long day from bathurst when you've only been riding a month. However its tempting to come out to lithgow to meet you for the hell of it :p
    However, sadly i think i'll have to give that a miss, lol.
    be careful mate, thats a bloody long trip all up. from bathurst :roll:
  16. Hey guys,
    Myself and campbell did this trip today to get rough times and distances. Is a pretty good trip all up. Not quite as long as the south coast trip, but its more intence then it so i’d say they were pretty even. The only bad thing i can say about the roads is that if you end up stuck behind a slow driver it can be hard to get past, and there is a big lack of advisory speed signs. Its not too hard to judge most of the corners though. Heres a rough copy of times and the distances.

    McGraths Hill Maccas arr. 10:15am, dep: 10:30am


    Spencer arr. 12:15pm, dep:1:00pm


    Wyong arr. 2:00pm, dep. 2:20pm


    Mount White Road Warriors Cafe arr. 3:15pm, dep. 3:30pm


    Asquith Maccas arr. 4.10pm

    Like i said, it is a shorter ride, but theres not really any straight easy sections, its pretty much bends and things the whole way. In those times I have allowed a bit of time at a look out just before wisemans ferry to have a quick look out, followed by a reasonable amount of time at wisemans ferry. Its a bit unpredictable there, we may be able to get straight on a ferry, but we may also end up having to wait a bit for one. Theres a nice little hamburger shop in spencer beside the river where we can grab a bit for lunch. I’ve also alowed time in Wyong for people to get fuel if they need it. The bit betweed Wyong and Mount White may be a bit out as we got lost due to bad sign posting and ended up on the freeway by mistake, but i’ve tried to allow for that, and will go back and just make sure i know the exact way through there.

    I’ll be getting to Krispy Kremes on the cumberland hwy in Liverpool sometime after 8:30, and will be leaving at 9am sharp for those in the area who want to ride up to the meet point with me. Same on the way back. The ride will officially end at Asquith Maccas. I’ll head back to Krispy Kremes from there if anyone wants to head back with me as well.

    Special thanks goes out to Campbell for coming along for the day, i really apreciated it. I hope you can make it on the day.

    I think thats all that needs to be said for now, if i think of anything else i’ll post it up. If anyones got any questions please don’t hesitate to post it up on the forumn or send me a pm. Lookin forward to the day and hope to see you all there.

  17. shame i couldnt come...
  18. This is why god created sick days!

    Seriously you know it will be worth it. Although if you've asked for it off and was refused, then take the day off, it might be a bit suss :LOL:

    Sounds like a fantastic day planned! Very appreciative to matchstick and co. for organizing. Can't wait!
  19. lots of twisties hey?

    this might warrant a trip up the hume