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[NSW] Learners Northern Round Trip II, Sun Jul 15th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Paul

    Round 5 guys.

    This ones gonna be a Putty Road round trip. We’ll leave Asquith Maccas at 8:30 sharp. We head up the old pacific hwy with a brief stop at Road Warriors and up to Mangrove Mountain. From Mangrove Mountain the road takes us all the way...

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  2. Hi Paul,
    Cant wait, I will be there, have not done putty yet.
  3. Should I bring my clutch cable repair tools again mate? :p

    I might be in for this one, just love the Putty rd. Won't bother if weather is crap, takes the fun out of it.


    Fuel supply at the halfway house is not very reliable, it is not that uncommon to arrive there to find no fuel available.

    Broke to Clarendon, the 1st available fuel after the 1/2 way house is approx 150km.
  4. bugggger i have something else on so i cant make it , i wanted to ride the putty , done it as a pillon and in a sidecar but have never ridden it yet
  5. It looks like i dont have work but depends on the weather.
  6. *grin* i SHOULD be there!
  7. what time are u gonna be at wollombi and broke?? some times would be handy as i would know where to meet u and at what time.
  8. i'll try and put some tims up by a week beforehand :grin:
  9. I shall be there ! :grin:

    To make sure the strike rate does the follow the current trend !

    1 . . . . 2 . . . .3 . . . . 4 . . . .. ??? :rofl:
  10. :rofl: your gonna use that one against me for a while aren't ya

    :shock: Lets hope not, does this mean we'll have 3 cameramen on twins this time :LOL:
  11. brad if we get a shitload of people, realistically we will be hitting wollombi around 11 or so, maybe 12.

    im in. i was going to see mum for her birthday that day, but im not going to be a pussy and do something like call it off because its mothers day :p :p

    paul do we really need to do a recce run :rofl: :rofl:
    if you feel the need ill be along for that too.

    for anyone umming and uhhring, this is a friggin awesome ride, nothing apart from the oxley beats the putty, although the old rd to broke is a bit dodgey. if you were fine on the last southern run, youll have no worries this time.
    i went up the old pac today around midday, apart from a few wet spots before pie in the sky, the road was in pretty good nick, no mr plod, no gravel, a couple of tree bordering the edge of the road, i almost got coat hangered on one bend, but all in all. shes looking good.
    bit short notice :p

  12. ok ok im in for this ride. the only thing is i dont know where to meet u guys and where to finish to come home. any ideas anyone???
  13. *Splutter, wheeze, gurgle*raises hand*splutter*

  14. You could meet us at the little Broke roadhouse on George Downes Drive?

    Then its 20 mins to the Putty, and you could go to the 1/2 way house and return the way you came. If you go all the way to Windsor, then short of tracing your steps back up the Putty, it is a long ride across to the F3 to head North back to Newcastle.
  15. Well providing i still remember how to ride and its not too cold and i still have a license....... Ill be there
  16. I will be there, I'm a learner.

    I've done Putty in a car before and it's great. I think the pace will be a bit fast for those learners who want to keep their license, especially with the new laws coming in as of 1st July.
  17. Oooo i've been waiting for a northern run. Since i always work on Sundays, ill try and swap with a guy on Sat so i can come along.
  18. yay cant wait, il be there for sure :p

  19. broke to windsor it about 170k

    broke to halfway is about 65k

    there is fuel about every 20-30k from halfway to windsor with premium
  20. Fuel should be fine. If you fuel up at asquith before we leave, you'll make it to broke, and from there'll you'll make it back windsor. Does make it a lil lengthy at broke as there's only a couple of pumps, but we'll be fine.

    If your curious as too the roads
    They're from 10 mile on putty. (don't worry we won't be going that quick on the day, dom'll be ahead taking photos) :LOL: