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[NSW] Learners day out....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by e, Jan 4, 2007.

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  1. Just got my license and my bike registered..
    Calling all learner riders and any p platers or any riders really... for a meet-up around Liverpool - Campbelltown area.

    Anyone interested? It'll be a great opportunity to learn from each other and good practice for anyone going for their Ps. (which is me in about a month.)

  2. oh yeah... and we're looking at around second or third week of this month.
  3. yeah mate ill be up for it. sooner the better, i gotta get off my arse and get out on the road, assoon as this soddin rain clears. where abouts are you thinking of going?
  4. My P test is on the 23rd so I might be up for this. I did the practice about a month ago and could do it all no sweat, but I went yesterday and found I need to relearn it again.
  5. If you guys need mentors, just ask.
    There are a few here more that willing to give advice.

    Might be good to ride to a place where you can practice on a painted P's course like at Penrith Regatta or Quakers Hill !

    If at Quakers Hill, I might see if some Stunters can come for some afternoon entertainment ! :eek:
    . . .. something to aspire to ! lol
  6. That sounds like a great idea Mickyb! Will these courses be open on the weekend to practice on?

    Is Liverpool Krispy Kremes car park good for everyone to meet? Its nice and big.... and food everywhere!!!
  7. hehe Mick, don't lose the guys on the way there :p
  8. dont worry mick. we'll all try and keep up :LOL:

    stunters would be good.
  9. Scrambles.....is your stunter mate available? Maybe I could arrange to meet him there...on the CBR...doing the speed limit with ...wait for it.... both wheels on the ground. :LOL:
  10. okay, lets do it !
    Sunday or Saturday ?

    I'll try not to lose people, its one of my new years resolutions. :p

    I'll get Scrambles to organise the Stunter !
    . . . I want to take some pics ! :grin:

    How is this for a route.
    Orange Grove KK
    Elizabeth Drv
    Northern Rd
    Through Penrith, then Regatta Course.

    or, Quakers Hill for some stunting tuition ! :shock:

    LOL, first its an L's ride, now its how to be a gansta-street stunter for beginners ! :LOL:
    I don't think i'm the best mentor :?, someone put Hornet600 back on a bike or see if Jaqhama still talks to people ! :rofl: .
  11. You will have to keep it to the weekend Mick, the Regatta Training ground is in use on week days.
    And it might pay to be a little quiet about that Quakers spot too mate.

    Greg, you crack me up. Just keep clutch'n up that Vstrom! You'll be killing the streets in NO time!
  12. lol, its not as if I know anyone in authoritaa ! ;)
  13. Iono about going if Micky is in the lead! :LOL:

    Too many stories, + you lost us noobs when you did the bayrun.. ok that probably wasn't your fault but still. Should do the last person without sight marks the corner that we did on south coast run.

    Didn't realise an official painted course was available, even on the weekends. Would like to come though and it will force me to find my way to liverpool which I've been putting off. Someone be sporadic and make detailed plans so we can all /agree.
  14. yeah, that wasn't my fault !
    Scrambles was cutting my grass again and I was tempted to flick his cut-off switch at the next lights !! :LOL:
  15. Sweet, wouldn't mind meeting more rriders out of my "circle of trust". e where are you doing the Ps test?
  16. I might be tempted to venture out that way and try and make some friends that ride. But it all depends on if im working or not, the time of day, and which weekend, as a shiftworker im unpredictable

  17. Just mapped out the test in one of the industrial carparks in cromer. Mapped it out 100% properly this time. Found cone weaving difficult again, so I still need some more practice - I want to walk into the P all day course and do it right all the time so that if I screw it up in the test the testing officer might take pitty on me :D

    The swerve was harder than I remember it when I set it up last time. Can do it, just took me a few goes to get it. Right hand turn is all sugar. Was doing lots of uturns when turning around after practicing cone weaves, so when it came to practicing them I ate them up. Even on my bike :) I made a rectangle of cones and just kept doing uturn after uturn without stopping. Very exhausting balancing the bike by weighting the outside pegs to keep me up, but then I guess they won't ask me to go in circles for 20 minutes like I did... :LOL:

    Didn't practice the emergency stop since the parking lot surface was a bit suspect. But I can stop from 25 in less than the length of my bike so should be all good.

    Back to the point, we should def do this... and before my test on the 23rd :) Btw anyone who can go for their test soon, book it for the 23rd at st Ives hard it you can so I can have some company. Mind you they probably are full up by now.
  18. I'm definitely in for this, I need to wait at least 2 more months before attempting my P's but I'd like all the practice I can get :]

    Hopefully I won't get lost on the way to meeting up with you guys, eh... :roll:
  19. Hey guys, just got my L's today and have done minimal riding so far. So Im interested but I think Id have to carry my bike to Liverpool lol

    Micky, Im from Quakers too, Im not too sure which spot you're talking bout, but I think some half decent riding spots for newbies here where you can also muck around is the local campus and also a new housing development up near Barnier?

    Anyway, Im sure you guys are a BIT more experienced then myself, so I'll wait it out lol
  20. okay, i'll organise a L's Day Out !

    Come along Donshe, you'll find not everyone is that experienced and you can learn from others.
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