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NSW - Learner Twisties

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by scarecrow, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. After some tips on getting started with some nice windey roads :) Only been riding for a week or so and plan to get out to homebush this weekend to practice my uturns and such (abysmal at the moment) but i've basically only been riding in moderate to heavy traffic and there ain't no twisties near my place.

    What would you netriders suggest as a good place to get started? It would have to be fairly laid back (not overly tight or dangerously cambered) and as deserted as humanly possible because cagers really, really, really hate being behind an L plater rider who's taking a corner slowly and carefully, i've had cars overtake me on one lane roundabouts! That shits just plain dangerous.

    If any learners are up for a laid back introduction to some windey roads i'd be very happy to make the trip in a group :) Just need a nice road to head out to!

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

  2. McCarrs creek is pretty windy if you could bother trekking to terry hills/church point.

    I went for my first main road ride at dawn today and headed up it into the national park. Totally feel what you mean about the cages. Luckily for most of the way I had a car that kept far enough back to deal with my terrible downshifts. Wasn't so lucky later on though, was getting tailgated when I came back into monavale, and got beeped like crazy when I took more than 1 second to take off from a traffic light. I mean seriously, don't people know what an L plate is?

    Car wise mccarrs is usually semi deserted. Just have to watch out for some manholes esp on the way up. Anyway if you head that way lemme know I'll come :)
  3. Keep an eye on the NSW Ride Events section.

    As soon as I have my bike back from it's tune up (this week!) - I am going to get some solid riding in, prolly with LPCIII.

    We're planning a night run up the Old Pacific Hwy, and one for the South National Park.

    You'd be welcome to come along :)
  4. How learner friendly would the old pac be? I'm new to corners :oops:
  5. There are a couple of closing apex corners, i think 2 or 3. but if you are taking it easy, you really won't know them.. still if we do take an evening run come along, cos with less people on the road you will fell less bothered and ride more comfortably.

    Are you comeing to Leichardt tonight? Scarecrow?
  6. I'm off the bike till atleast wednesday, waiting on the helmet warehouse to get my shoei shipped in for a snugger fit :(
  7. Hey summer is around the corner and Ktulu and I want to ride some twisties so we can see how we can improve our cornering, and riding abilities, so I am sure we'll probably be going out once a week, maybe more.

    I hope that's alright Ktulu. :)
  8. I wouldnt mind a learner/p plater ride sometime, maybe if theres interest from others we could organise something for the weekend. I was thinking ill probably head for a ride out to homebush olympic park on the weekend if nothing else so if you want to meet out there let me know.
    I am still a learner but will be booking my p's today and am feeling pretty comfortable on the bike lately.
    I also would like to meet some other riders as i dont know any at the moment.

    I dont know about any other twisties then the RNP between loftus and wollongong. i wouldnt recomend it straight away but if your going to go there then middle of the day on a week day would be the best time. a weekend would probably not be a good time for a learner to be in there.

    ktulu: ill be keen to come on that ride if you post it up and im free
  9. Also if you just want a short run in Syd, there is alway the bay run from Burkin Head Point and around.
  10. Yep i'm keen for that evening run down the old pac hwy. Let us know when its happening
  11. For sure Karl and congratulations on your L's have you got any practise in yet???
  12. Oh yeah, after the riding course way more confidence got home and took the bike out for a spin, then after the second went down to the carpark and practised slow riding and tight circles, went pretty well only put the foot down twice.
    And i've been riding round all day today, already had two cars pull out in front of me, they even looked right at me!!!! So i also practiced some quick braking :grin:
  13. Good to hear. We'll soon have you scraping your knee around corners in no time. :)
  14. if u want a city lil cornering circuit, u cant beat henry lawson drive, its liek 40-30 mins from the city, south, great place of trying downhill tight corners and uphill corners, also has long fast corners. just becareful of the speedcameras, its pretty well signed for the speedcamera, so nothering to worry about
  15. I was going to say henry lawson drive also.
    Scarecrow, I see your at greystanes ,just go down woodville road and your there is 15 minutes.
    Its got a few sweepers and hills to try out and ,like sunite said speed cameras,but its well sign posted.

    I did alot of practices on that road.

    Keep us up dated ,if your heading down to homebush on the weekend if i got time off ,im at guildford ,i'll come down .
  16. If you stick to the (now reduced) speed limit, the Old Pacific Highway is not that taxing. Early morning or late afternoon is best when it is not to busy. It's a good fun road.

    Bear in mind I've been driving it for 7 years since I got my P's in a car, only a year on the bike, so I do know the road kinda okay.
  17. joel,

    trailer your bike to mogo NOW, and we'll do the infamous "Mad-Mile" until you are kneescraping and little molten rubbery bits are falling off your tyres.

    quite seriously, it is a good place to learn down here and lovely to visit/holiday here too.

    come on down :grin:

  18. Last time I was there (admittedly was 2 weeks ago or so) they were still doing road works on a section of it. Probably cleared by now though.
  19. I was there last weekend with the old lady (well... young school girl, but lets not get caught up on details) and the road was closed for it's majority due to the road works, ahd to detour around it.

    Heading out to the homebush P5 lot tomorrow, leaving at 11ish for a little slow practice, then saturday I dare say i'll go for a cruise down woodville and onto Henry Lawson.

    Cheers for all the replies so far :)