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QLD Nsw learner rider license to Qld learner rider license

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by engr4ved, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, I've recently moved to Qld from Syd and hold a nsw learner rider license, I'm wanting to change it over to a Qld one but there's a problem, I don't have a drivers license and apparently you need one to hold a learner rider license here . Any tips would be great cheers .

  2. Have you called them to check if you need your car license when you already hold NSW motorcycle L's? Call them and check. The L's in NSW require training while they don't in Qld.
    I'd say your class of License in NSW *should* be honoured for transfer to the same class in Qld. So, you might be able to do a straight swap from NSW to Qld L's.

    Also check if you can do a Q-ride course on your NSW L's and then qualify for Qld RE (if you pass). There is provision in NSW to allow those with interstate L's to go for a P's test but am not sure if that provision exists in Qld. If it does I'd say it would need to be within 3 months of moving but it would mean you don't get stuck with a Qld L and the need for supervision when riding.
  3. in qld you can't get your bike license without having a car license. you don't ahve a nsw car license to transfer to qld so sadly you're officially screwed.
    last i checked (over 10 years ago) you had to transfer your interstate L's to qld, wait minimum 1 day then you could go for your p's provided you met all other requirements (6 months minimum l's duration)
    things have tightened up since then. i can't be specific, but the short version is you have to go back to square one
  4. Well if you already have a learners then it's worth asking if you can get it changed to a QLD bike learners even though it wouldn't be permitted for new applicants.

    The smart thing would have been to test in NSW before coming, or to slip across the border and test now...