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NSW Learner Knowledge test?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Paulie, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. Hey Hey!

    I've just been lookin on the rta website and thought I'd see if anyone here could answer my question before i sit on hold for 3 hours to ask someone in the rta call-centre :)

    To get your learners it says you have to do that course and then pass the knowledge test.... does anyone know if the Knowledge test is specific for motorbikes or if its the same as the car knowlege learner test? Cause there is a motorcyclists handbook but it doesnt really say much in regards to road rules?

    IF anyone knows it would be great if you,d let me know (doing learners course monday/tuesday next week and wanna get the knowledge thing outta the way on wednesday)

    Thanks for reading!
  2. Step 1:

    Go to a training centre and do the 2 day pre-learners course. They then give you a certificate which you take to the RTA.

    Step 2:

    At the RTA you do a MOTORCYCLE SPECIFC knowledge test. It does contain general knowledge question's but mostly motorcycle stuff.

    Step 3:

    Ride on brother... :D :D :D

    Might I suggest going to the RTA website and downloading the Motorcycles User's Handbook.
  3. Thanks Pete, yeah Ilm on the rta site now. I found a thing on there where you can do demo tests! I think I'll download the booklet tonite and print it at work hehehe
  4. hey paulie, yeah petes right, the test is basically the same as the car one, with a few bike questions like road positioning and stuff..... if you've got a car liscence it should be no probs! :D

    when u get ur lisc+ bike, make sure u come along to a SYD coffee night! :wink:

  5. I think he's another westie...hehe
  6. Good Luck mate with the test..
  7. A friend of mine did this recently and apparently the actual test is comprised of the demo questions!
  8. They have a pdf file on the website you can download, it has EVERY question that is in the test. Its 77 pages long, about 4 questions per page.
    You only do 30 or something of those questions.

    If you spend 2 hours reading that you wont go wrong.
  9. I thought that was only for the car L's, I've done the online bike L's test and passed it was perdy easy, I'm doing my actual L's at the RTA on sat mornin Did my Pre-Learners course 2 weeks ago but have just been waiting to get my bike b4 I get my L's which im gettin on sunday YAY! riding the streets of sydney in no time.

    I've got a Car licence is the L's knowledge test for motorcycles hard? I hope I don't stuff it up = :oops:
  10. mmm. i can't remember whether or not i did the course or the test first. either way, the test has basically the same questions as a car Ls test with a few extras. as has been said before. and the difficulty. the hardest part for me was getting the money together. everything else is a breeze and with the test online you can practice all you need to before you go in there! good luck with it btw! get out onto the road as quick as possible. and stay rubber side down!

  11. I'm from North West... Baulko :D
  12. Northside!!!

    Kick arse...
  13. West side ..is the best side
  14. first time i went for my ls knowledge test i passed first go. 8)

    second time, i passed on the 4th go. :oops: go figure
  15. I think baulkham hills is sorta half north and half west.... so best of both worlds I guess... hmm.. I can't stand "THE SHIRE" (south)

    I'm pretyy excited, i think i have found the bike I'm gonna buy and I have my l's thing tomorrow and next day so maybe tomorrow or the next day I'll go check out this bike and take it for a spin around the block (even though I wont officially be licensed too hehehe)

  16. Well... I just went and did day 1 of the 2 day stay upright course!!!!

    I think i went ok so far, tomorrow I'm just gonna wear a long sleave shirt and joggers with jeans because i wore a jacket today and boots and I sweated like all buggery in the heat and the boots were too big to allow me to easily change gears, so hopefully tomorrow should be easier.. I'm very nervous though I stalled the big a few times but I was shifting gears pretty ok, a few times I missed second gear though