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[NSW] - Late notice, Sat 14th October, casual sydney ride.

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Saturday morning, haggis and I might be going for a casual ride to the northern beaches and probably beyond to do a recon of the planned venue for the Syd Netrider Christmas BBQ.

    Probably leave around 11am at Central Station and see where we go.

    So if any L-platers want some group ride time and mentoring, feel free to come along.

    It'll also be the maiden ride of the MONSTER ! ;)

    Reply to this post if you want to ride along.
    Don't forget, bring your fluids, its going to be a scorcher !!!
  2. Mind If I Join You ?

    Hey there,

    I'm on my p's at he moment and have done a few longer rides ( to Woolongong and back) but have never ridden in a group, I would also just like to meet more bikers in the sydney area.

    So just wondering if its OK to join you on this saturdays jaunt to the northern beaches ?

  3. no worries dude, come along it should be a good ride.
  4. Is this for riders with greased hair, tight leather pants and lots of gold bling since you got your duc?

    If so count me in!!!! Im dragging along my ball and chain as well (aka lukemc). He's new to Syd so expect you, Micky, to give him a running commentary on the sights and sounds of Syd...
  5. It was going to be a naked only ride since its warm and all . . . .
    Naked as in haggis' CB600 and the 620ie.

    But, we'll make exceptions.
  6. Damn it, you know i always ride naked. Im well known for riding naked. How much more naked can i get!!!
  7. Meeting point !

    The intercity platform entrance at Central.
    The upper section above Eddy Ave.
    Say around 11-11:30am.

    sound okay ?
  8. I'm up at narrabeen, had my Ls for a week, but would be up for joining y'all somewhere up here :) Still pretty rough skillzwise, but plenty for northern beaches area. If thats cool lemme know somewhere to meet you up here.
  9. do i have to rip the fairings off my cbr to come?
  10. [​IMG]

    I marked with a big red cross where i think you mean for th emeeting place, is this right ? if not i will take it off the message board.

  11. Re: [NSW] - Late notice, Sat 14th October, casual sydney rid

    You call that morning? tsk tsk

    So, any further plan in the arvo? I am jumping in the morning, but only for 2 to 3 hours... broke :roll: , so arvo is free at the moment :grin:
  12. g'on you mate! most of time monster mike doesn't know where he is going
  13. Yep, thats the spot Owen.
    Chrissie, it's that late because "Monster Micky" will be picking up his new toy and will gloat for at least 2 hours :wink:
  14. thats right !
    I have to get familiarised with the thing !
    I'll be doing laps of George St, Broadway and the Rocks before hand! :rofl:
  15. I'll meet you guys down there if I can find someone up here go down with me, I've only driven into the city. Always in there with uni, but bus routes are different to bikes eh.
  16. blah, blah, blah, blah ! :LOL:
  17. Sweet

    See you guys down there at about 11,

    Owen T
  18. Forecast for Saturday
    Fine, hot and mostly sunny. Northwest winds freshening and afternoon
    sea breezes along the coastal fringe, before a late, gusty southerly

    Precis: Fine. Late change.
    City: Min: 21 Max: 35
    West: Min: 16 Max: 37

    Perfect day for black pants, black boots, leather gloves, leather jacket...heck, i might even wear my neck warmer and balaclava!!
  19. I am sooooo in! SO in ;) I'll see all y'all there hehe
  20. I might wear my Dainese Mako summer jacket with removable arm sleeves and wear it like a vest. Just like how they do it in Modena and Milan ! :grin:

    LOL . . . this Italian bike thing is getting to me !