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[NSW] Late Notice Putty run today 26th Sept

Discussion in 'NSW' started by TWEET, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. Anyone want to do the Putty or the Old Pacific Hwy then on to Wollombi, Broke and finally the Putty??

    PM your number as I'm not allowed to PM you.

    or call me 0425262602
  2. :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum:

    (work! :oops:)
  3. hmmm... i should of come online in the morning, could of seen this. Because i just did the same thing today on my own. Oh well, i'll go for a run with you next time
  4. Im no hoildays next week ,will be up for a ride .

    I did putty for the first time last weeks ,LOVE IT :grin:
  5. never rode on putty road before , on holidays next week, So if you guys are going please let me know :) cheers
  7. Seems a few are off next week ,so tuesday>>> im good to go.

    Anyone can or can't do a day next week ,Lou can you do anyday?.

    Try to get a few together ...The day may depend on the weather.
  8. Just got back, missed you up there..
    I did old pacific hwy on to Wollombi, Broke and Putty. Was good not too hot, not too windy, and not much sun thanks to cloud cover.
  9. Yep anyday, I'm actually off for two weeks :p .
    I'm sure mr magoo would like to come too, for him it would be a thursday or friday, but I'm good anyday. :grin:

    Cheers Lou
  10. That it TWEET rub it in LOL
    glad you had a good run.
  11. I did the same route. Seems like you must of left late since i got back around 2 pm. I'm guessing it all went well for you. I almost lost it on some gravel on the road before putty. God damn council workers or whatever put it there for some reason. People like that should be shot.

    p.s. I've always got Fridays off if you happen to go on that day :wink:
  12. UM UMMM ,I won't be able to wait a full week .

    Tuesday, wednesday ....thursday . :LOL:

    Might to nasho friday ,lunch Bulli... "maybe" got to see if im going out next friday night.
  13. Sleddog you're still coming on Sat's ride though??
  14. i'll be up for that...
    and the kangaroo valley sat on my fav route... then putty next week oh yeah...
  15. I thought I had a decent ride today, was going to do the putty run with Dom, but decided because Dan wasn't going to go, I would give it a miss.

    Well just heard back from Dom, the bastard went and did the Oxley and Thunderbolts!!
    Had I have known he was doing that, I would have gone.
  16. ah its all talk.... no one in thier right mind covers 1200 plus km in day..
  17. Has the pics to prove it!! :cry:
  18. doh.. oh well that 1200 km is not on your or my bike...
  19. Damn, big effort Dom, congrats if you did it...hope you actually enjoyed the latter half of the journey though, it -is- to be savoured.
  20. I hope too ,just not sure if im working.

    I'll know friday arvo . :)
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