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[NSW] Late Notice - Friday 17/11/06 - social gathering

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. A couple of hot netrider women (notice I said women and chic's :LOL: :LOL:) and I are planning a social gathering on Friday night coming. 17/11/06.

    With the sun coming down late and a predicted balmy weather like today, an after work social ride and gathering is planned.

    Here is the plan.

    Ride to Windsor via Dural
    Dinner at this biker pub at Windsor . . . (see pic, Mcquarie Arms)
    Live bands and that.
    Then if the night is still young, ride out to Butterfly Farms (Wilberforce) Go-Kart track to participate in mini-bike racing !! :eek: . . yep, we are seeing if we can try it ! LOL . . . serious !! we seriously are going to give it a go.


    So at the moment, its chickbabe, S.O.I and I, meeting at Shell servo on Old Windsor Rd, Northmead at 6pm, the servo with Maccas and KFC.

    So, who is in ?

    C'mon, i'll be like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate if other dudes don't come along !! hahahaha ! :LOL:
  2. Hmmm sounds good, but as always sif I know how to get there. I'll talk to u on msn..
  3. Aaahhh, MickeyB, U know I'd come along and help u out, but alas, I have to be in Perth this coming weekend for the RedBull Pylon Air Races.
    Sorry mate, someone has to do it.!!
  4. The Shell at Northmead on that piece of "Old Windsor Rd" is on the part that becomes "Briens Rd"...

    Just to avoid confuzzlement.

    I'd love to go but I have to go bowling and then drive to Canberra for a birthday party :(

    Damn these conflicting events.
  5. I am a maybe for this one...have to go to work at 9pm....Micky I will ring.....
  6. I can't do this one but... if you are still keen to stay out and are still in the area at about 10pm, the Richmond Inn @ Richmond have got a great band playing..

    Great for dancing if you are into that..That's what I'll be doing.. :grin:
  7. Sorry, bowling with ktulu.
  8. Can't dude. That's my motorcycle show night, as I'm goin to Melb for the weekend.

    Have a good one, Dustin (and the women).
  9. Lindy, Lou . . . we have to postpone !

    My company Golf day is going on through the night . . . :(
    I'm teeing off with one of the national directors, i'm sucked in to perform on the course and hang around . . .

    We have to make this ride for some other time.
  10. Mick my man, you've broken my heart :LOL:
    Your just scared of two hot netrider chicks :LOL: :LOL:
    We had you very worried, is that why?
    So lindy, what no good are we doing now
    Cheers Lou
  11. Hi there everyone.
    Well just wanted to post, that if anyone wanted to meet up and still go for a ride after work a couple of us will be still going to the meet point. :grin:

    So is anyone else going to turn up? :) :) .
    Cheers Lou
  12. Ah shit!

    That's just up the corner from me! I dropped my bike yesterday and it's in the mechanics. I called the bloke from CHM and he said he might get around to it today, he might not. If it's up and running, I'll do my best to see you out there!

    If not, reschedule and I'll be there with bells on! :grin:
  13. i'd like to just say that I won the company golf day today !

    woohoo ! :woot:
  14. Good onya micky :shock:

    well hubby and I ended up doing a ride up to northbeaches, well sort of, before we had to turn back, :evil: Bikes could burn them. :mad:
    Don't forget about Drag meet up.
    Cheers Lou
  15. Dude i live off hammers road where are you???
  16. Hey Fluffy, i'm in Castle Hill, just off crane road.

    Spose it's not just around the corner from me, but hey, Sydney's a big place, so it is in a way? :shock:

  17. hey Lou !!

    yeah, I won't forget about the drags.
    A certain someone here is going to try and crack the 15s mark on her (her ! lol, well that narrows it down) 250 ! I just need to find out what the exact date is for bikes at WSID.

    I think i'll watch . . . but if I get peer pressured again . . . . I might see how the Duc goes. :p

    We are also planning a trip to Tarana again !
    Let me know when you and hubby available.