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[NSW] Late Notice - 5/11/06 Wisemans Ferry, Sun Nov 5th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Mikey

    Weather permitting, ride to Wisemans Ferry following the following route.

    Meet at Pennant Hills Shell servo. Pennant Hills Rd.

    Then Old Pacific Hwy, Peats Ridge Rd, Wisemans Ferry Rd.

    Lunch at Wisemans.

    Back to Syd via Old Northern Rd.

    ... more

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    Me !
    Mud Monkey
    Marvin the Saturnian



    Wayne Gardener
    Randy Mamola
    that Agistino dude !
  3. Phooey! It's the wrong way! I'm still in. Whats the meet time?
  4. oh yeah, time . . .

    9-9:30AM at Pennant Hills SHELL servo.

    Make sure you fill up.
    This is the ride where Nick (general-lee) drank some of Caltex's finest to help Matti out with his out of fuel scoot !

    And I believe lunch is still owed ???
  5. Outer

    gotta save lives instead :(
  6. Hey MickyB, I'm kinda new to the area (and the forum, although I've done the intro bit !).

    I'm up for a ride and a chance to meet anyone else in the group, so count me in. I'll keep an eye out over the weekend and see if this is still on

  7. Since I were already going to do a ride to wisemans, I might as well join you, and for a change you can lead Micky, I'll even make it easy for you and go slow :)
  8. Marvin the Saturnian....I thought it was Marvin the Seagull after his scavenging efforts at the Pub!

    I'm out on this one - will be doing the Molong ride.
  9. Would have been on this but need to go see a new baby :grin: Not mine :wink:
  10. I'm out !

    Sorry guys !
    It looks like its raining tomorrow and I've been sleeping all day today. . . . damn weather !! I have to catch up with some personal stuff.

    We'll postpone it for next week !
  11. Micky, Micky, Micky. Don't Ducatis do well in the wet? :grin:
  12. nah, too much rear wheel torque !! . . . especially in the wet !
    hahahaha ! :eek:
  13. This damn global warming !

    Weather is not looking good - And I haven't got round to buying any waterproofs yet - those were next on the list.

    Maybe catch up with you guys next time.
  14. I guess the duc is scared of the rain, propably in case it gets its electric's wet :LOL:
  15. micky
    i wouldn't mind making it on 18/19 Nov. any thoughts???
  16. I think there is a Ducati Club ride on the 19th.
    So that counts me out.
    (waits for Marvin's comments because we all know we wanted to get a Multistrada instead of a TDM :p)

    How about this coming weekend ?
  17. Hey MickeyB, U will be able to go on the Docnsw ride now, afterall u have the patch!! I would join u all for this ride to Wisemans the following weekend, but I'll be in Perth for the Red Bull Air Races. (someone has to go)!!.
    Dumping the clutch at 8grand to get wheelspin in the wet does not equate to too much rear wheel torque!!. How can u let personal stuff get in the way of a bloody good ride :LOL: .
    Tex & Bundy
  18. Nope, wouldn't want a duck, didn't even get a look in. I want to be able to get parts if the bike breaks down, and with the duck, that is a necessity :LOL:

    As the weather is holding good, looks like I'll do this run today, leaving from Balmain at about 1500 :)
  19. unfortunately i am away this weekend - so i would be a no goer
  20. Greg and Gregg ???
    Saturday arvo ???
    I wanna hang out with some Enduro-Tourer types ! :p . . might even do that gravel section on River Rd.