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[NSW] Late Late Latte notice - L's ride 7/1/07

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Mickyb V9, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. The Noobs sydney ride in General Discussion has been locked.

    So if any Sydney noobs want to go on a group ride tomorrow, see you at Action Motorcycles on Wentworth St at 10:30-11am.

    Its a leisurely eastern suburbs ride and lunch at Watsons Bay.

    It was done last year, its an easy ride, you will also get to meet some of the nutters on here ! Probably go see the snake show again at La Perouse ! :LOL:

    So, if its a nice Sydney day again tomorrow like today - see you there !
  2. I'm definitely in :] See you there!
  3. Will be there. Come on fellow learners!
  4. Gawd I think we posted the same second.
  5. :lastyear:
  6. Yarrr get up everyone time for a ride!... in an hour
  7. You missed out on a ride doing "boys stuff" Ktulu !!

    See attached photos, I reckon Scrambles would have gone nuts to where we went !

    It looks like enduros are the in thing for 2007 ! :eek:


    Thats Nick from Sweden on the KTM Adventure. Look out ladies, he is here on holidays and has the same sense of humour as me ! :LOL: - but just a tad smoother ! LOL

    Damn it makes the Monster look small !!


    We saw low level flying helicopters ! :eek:
    Thats Tim and Trevor in the foreground !

  8. I looked up Wentworth Ave, Sydney on Whereis and it didn't even show me a map, it just came up with text:

    You don't know the city well enough to get there on time. Just go to bed.
  9. here comes the fun part !!!

    We went to the old WW2 bunkers at Malabar ! :eek:


    And get this . . . we went inside !! :eek: :eek: :eek:


    It was pitch black !!!
    here is phizog (Jared) freaked out !!!

  10. And this is me in an action pose ! :rofl: (apparenty doing a tomb raider thing ! LOL)
    As you can see there are no lights what so ever on the ceilings !!!


    Then we found an iron door thats suppose to be shut ! :eek:
    Thats Lin on the other side.


    Even the old cannon shells elevators are still there !
    I reckon Scrambles would have done his Casey Ribeck impresonation ! :LOL:

  11. And if you are all wondering where Jaqhama is ????

    He has gone underground ! :LOL:

    This is the old ammunition storage room !


    And Nick wants to meet female Sydney riders so he requested this pic to be put up with Tim and Stephen ! lol !

    . . . . I swear netrider has become a dating agency ! LOL

    Caz V1, no he is not travelling to Melbourne ! :LOL:

  12. Bahaha @ the photos. Great ride, thanks all!
  13. Thanks for letting me come along :)