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[NSW] - Late Late Late notice, Blue Mountains 3/1/07

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. Hey folks,
    I'm still on work holidays . . . .

    Tomorrow, Rosie and I are planning a ride up to Katoomba via Bells Line.

    So if there are other bludgers out there who want to go for a ride, come along.

    We are looking at leaving Old Windsor Rd Caltex (Glenwood) at around lunch time or earlier . . not sure yet, Rosie has to decipher my mud-map and negotiate the Harbour Bidge, M2 and M7. :LOL:

    So if your keen, come along, its just going to be a day thing for me.

    Hopefully the rain stays away.

    Its going to be a touristy ride ;), so its going to be pretty easy - ideal for some L-platers who want some experience.
  2. Give me a ring if it's gunna be after 1230...otherwise I'm gunna be sleepy sleepy.

    I promise nothing.
  3. Possible inner for this; need to test ride a bike, and what better a way to do so :D Any more details as to when we leave etc?

    Any meetup point closer to revesby?
  4. I'd be interested but time might be tight. I have to get out to Anaconda at Lidcombe when they open, get back home and then come all the way out again to make it. I bought an all singing all dancing GPS yesterday and the bloody thing won't work! Will try to make it but don't stress if I'm not there. I'll be on the CBR so can catch you up if you are touristing it.
  5. (Puts on Mike Bailey voice - minus the Dad jokes)
    Aviation weather for Sydney has light showers of rain most of the day. For Bathurst, has showers clearing at about 10am. So might get a spot or two but should be clearing up during the day.
  6. Gregg !! Call me !!

    And bring Good Greg with the Strom along !! :LOL:
  7. Despite the shithouse weather, we had a good ride today. There wasn't much point in stopping by Katoomba/Leura as the weather was too shit - the roads would have been awful and we wouldn't have seen much. Didn't want to have anyone lowside on some muddy runoff.

    Here is the phot I took at Hartley with Rosie's magnificent touring beast taking prominence:
  8. I can see that pic being a nice poster on Rosie's wall when she gets home (although you might like to photoshop out the bit of bark on the road in the foreground!).
  9. oh yeah !!
    top pic Gregg !!

    Now . . . . . which one is the poser bike ??? :LOL:
  10. Sorry for not being able to make it. One of the disadvantages of being new to NSW roads! At least one thing made me laugh..
    "Hey Micky sorry I got lost and won't be able to make it. Somehow ended up on the Pacific Hwy."
    "What the...!"

  11. hey Trev !
    no worries mate, make sure you come for a ride next time.

    Now Chrissie will have a go at me now for losing someone again !! hahahaha

    Technically I didn't lose loth . . . .
    I did lose Rosie though because she followed the map I drew ! :eek:
    (but then again, it could be a chic thing ! LOL)

    . . . .. runs and hides
  12. Hornet's right - That's a great photo Greg.

    Thanks for coming out for the ride ..was great to see you again. :) And Mickyb too. :grin: And cheers to Suzy for coming along - twas great to meet you! :grin:

    Hey loth - bummer you didn't make it... next time I'm in Sydney and need directions to the Pacific Hwy, I know who to ask. :grin: :LOL:

    No Micky....it's not a girl thing...it's you. :rofl: