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[NSW] - Late Details - OPH ride Sunday 6/5/07

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Mickyb V9, May 4, 2007.

  1. hey all,

    Those going on Sundays ride, its 0900 at Mobile Berowra.
    If your running late, its breakfast at Road Warriors, we'll wait there.

    Seeyas !
  2. would if i could... got my P's test that day :shock:
  3. Its a big bikes ride duffy !
    We'll think of ya during the day.

    So, remember, its 0830-0900 at Berowra Mobil.
    Don't have breakie, its planned to have breakie at Road Warriors.

    Then to Wisemans for a Charity Festival thats on.
    Free concert and all. ;)

    Also the Bridge to Bridge is on . . . so there will be a few things to see.
  4. I didnt know they did P's tests on Sunday's!

    I will probably be there but with mates but will see about the wisemans run. Not a bad run, bit bumpy for my bony ass.

    Wish my gel seat would hurry up!
  5. My mistake micky ,its only the jetski bridge to bridge ,from winsdore to wismans ,will still be good to see if your up there ,I should be in for the ride then I'll go over to the race at 12 noon.

  6. I'll be there, and may have a friend or two with me.
  7. See you there :cool:
  8. Yep, see you's in the morning.
  9. where is berowra mobil?......if i wake up in time will see you guys there
  10. At Berowra
  11. i figured as much but i don't really know the area..........if i take the berowra exit off the F3 will it be easy to find?
  12. Were are you coming from?
    I'm coming from Quakers Hill (about 7:30), through Castle Hill, past Koala Park, onto Pennant Hills Rd, then following that road all the way (bypassing the F3).

    If I'm passing you, we can meet, and you can follow.
  13. coming from kingsgrove........bit out of the way...appreciate the offer though....i'll see you there......i'll be on a blue and white gsxr600

  14. OK. see you there.
  15. seeya there guys !

    We have good numbers it seems.

    So, breakie at Road Warriors ????
    We have some old faces coming tomorrow, kinda a reunion.

    Darwin . . . watch out for Phil and Sylvia (name of his bike) . . . you might get sucked into his jet-wash this time ! LOL :p
  16. Mike ,take the berowra exit off the F3 and went you get to the hwy turn right it's just up the road ,remember it's the MOBILE not the caltex.

    See you guys there. :grin:
  17. The Bridge to Bridge is a powerboat race from Brooklyn to Windsor, & classes of boats, dunno about the Jet Skis, Starts 10am
  18. Cheers mate ,I was right {for once} LMAO.
    Hope there is not to many cars.
  19. i found berowra mobil........at 9:15 tho........had no idea where road runners was. After riding around for about an hour and a half, it occured to me that even if i did find you guys i wouldn't even know who you were or what you were riding......ah well it wasn't a bad ride anyway even if it was just me.

    Maybe next time i will make it on time.

  20. We left at 9.10

    We went to Road Warriors at Mount White.

    Tremendous day, except for the thousand cyclists on Old Road