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[NSW] Last Honda Riders Club 2007 to Sussex Inlet, Sun 2/12

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. The last group ride for this year.

    Sunday 2nd December 2007
    Sussex Inlet
    Meet At Mc Donalds, Intersection Princes Highway and Heathcote Road, Heathcote.
    Meeting Time: 8.30am / Departing Time: 9.00am
    Route: Old Princess Highway all the way to the...

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  2. Is any body going to this one?
  3. ill be going on my hyo...
    Work mate that is lending me the bike actually sent me the pdf poster for this..:) He is part of the Honda Club.
    Ill be the one with the laminated L PLate.. on the back of the cruiser.. :D
  4. I may go :grin: i might be doing a trip down to omeo instead :cool:
  5. I'll try and be there for this one. I'll have the new bike, so I will be trying to get as much riding done as possible.
  6. >> Being the last ride of the year, and that they've been organising nice rides throughout the year - I will definitely be IN !!

    Look forward to see others' new bikes too.
    I'll be travelling down from Ryde area, heading south all the way on Homebush bay drive if anyone is around?

    Lets ride before the weather gets too hot! :p
  7. I'm in for this one. Thought about the appin, k-vally one, but a sunday ride is more convenient for me.

    R-K-O You should update your profile, now you have the GSX700R. (I forgetting to ask you why you got a new bike.)
  8. Yeah.. I did considered the Appin ride which will be more challenging than this one, but got stuffs to do on Sat. We should head back bit early to avoid Sunday inbound traffic on the way back. I had a puncture just the day before the Oberon ride :eek: , so couldnt ride the Honda - still have it. Wasn't I glad to check the tyre surface? not just taking the pressure the day before.. my first puncture since i can remember.

    :idea: Can we just re-group with the main group after branching off to RNP? Feels like a waste if we just pass by RNP via the freeway.
  9. looks like a long ride

    i'll do nashos with ya rko
  10. I might be in for this one, gotta get the 1000k service done on the hyo first.
  11. Google-wise, this trip's 147kms/way, but pretty much straights, except the old princess bits and sections near Kiama.

    colrr, i hearya - we'll take the nasho on the way back. There should be others with the same idea...

    Weather is forecasted to be :) :grin:

    Few of us gonna meet here on the way to Heathcote Maccas. Woolie-Caltex petrol, 97 Hume Hwy, Chullora. Time : 7.25-ISH...

  12. Count me in on this one.
  13. Update from Marshal :cool:

    > ============
    > To All
    > Due to the lunch stop at Sussex Inlet being booked out we have had to
    > change > the destination of our next ride to Huskisson.

    > Sunday 2nd December 2007
    > Huskisson
    > Meet At Mc Donalds, Intersection Princes Highway and Heathcote Road,
    > Heathcote.
    > Meeting Time: 8.15am / Departing Time: 9.00am
    > Route: Old Princess Highway all the way to the Huskisson Turn off, then
    > lunch at Huskisson Pub.
    > Please have a full tank of fuel when you arrive at the meeting point. All
    > Motorcycles Welcome, We Also Encourage “ L†And “ P †Plate Riders.
  14. I'm up for the nasho on the way back.
  15. #16 samsico, Dec 1, 2007
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    will discuss and suggest with marshal at lunch time before heading back...I will be with you guys... :cool:

    ---How many pillion motorbike can take ? one.... two ! ...boeuuu

  16. What a boring ride, hope you guys have lots of rubber remainin in the centre of your tyres :LOL:

    OPH all the way to Huskisson :roll:
  17. Me and Ms will be there, around 8:30 to enjoy cruising down the coast and time permit, we'll do the RNP on the way back, racing snails and turtles..
    This is the meeting place At the corner of Heathcote and Princes Hwy. The red mark is a servo 2km before. Fill up your tank there first..
  18. Don't know if you've been through recently Tony, but they've just redone the surface from Loftus through...well, just past Audley, and it's still a little 'fresh' with no lines marked and doesn't inspire confidence. Just FYI, no obstacle for a cruise of course :)
  19. cheeers yakityyak :wink: i've also been told of those 100km zones that are now 80km+cops :shock:
    But the honda ones are cruisers, so we should be right...thx anyways