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[NSW] Lane Filtering

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by BIG A, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. Im sure this has topic has been discussed many times and yes I have done the search but was just wondering if the rules have changed recently and Im refering to in NSW. Is this practice legal or illegal? I am only refering to moving through stopped traffic here. When doing my learners course only 3 months ago I was told by the instructor its illegal. Earlier this week while doing the provisional course the trainer running the course tells me its legal now. So which one is it? Again this is in NSW.

  2. <Moved to Politics/law> ...please refer to sticky's in General regarding GDD. :)

    Buggered if I know the status of filtering in NSW... they recently got footpath parking though...
  3. i suggest you go through the RTA website, they should link to the NSW Road Rules, i know VicRoads link to ours. then look up the relevant section on passing and overtaking, and see if anything in there relates to filtering.

    dont take the word of joe bloggs on a forum, it wont hold up when you tell the officer,

    . . . . "But Ktulu said i could!?"

    its also handy to actually know the Road Rules, so have a look through anyway. and yes its been covered a million times, and no i can almost guarantee it hasnt changed recently, or it would be postered up everywhere on here...
  4. :LOL:
  5. No - they got free parking and additional bike spaces in Sydney City Council area. Footpath parking status hasn't changed.
  6. see. this is what happens when you listen to a guy on a forum.
    go ask RTA, Cops, or look it up yourself.
  7. There you go... all that hoohaa was over free parking spaces... rightio then...
  8. The Council explicitly rejected footpath parking. This is what they actually did

    The impossibility of securely displaying a visitor
    parking permit on a motorcycle means that riders
    are further disadvantaged. For example, car
    drivers can use visitor permits to get free all-day
    parking in areas such as Ultimo Pyrmont, where
    ticket parking is widespread. Riders howeverc
    annot securely display a parking ticket or a
    visitor parking permit. As a consequence, many
    riders risk fines by parking on the street or parking
    illegally on footpaths or within building forecourts.

    The draft Strategy proposes to address these
    concerns by introducing a one-year trial exempting
    riders from the requirement to buy and display
    a parking ticket. This will enable riders to park in
    spaces that are available to car drivers.
  9. It's legal....or more specifically, overtaking to the left of a stationary vehicle is now legal.....see rule 141c ...
    To see for yourself, click HERE :)
  10. You should maybe read it again. (Section 141)
    a BICYCLE is NOT a motorcycle so it is still ILLEGAL to overtake on the left UNLESS you are a BICYCLE.
  11. Nothing wrong with my comprehension, davway.......Here it is in black and white...Have another read.... :cool:

    141 No overtaking etc to the left of a vehicle

    (1)A driver(except the rider of a bicycle) must not overtake a vehicle to
    the left of the vehicle unless:

    (a)the driver is driving on a multi-lane road and the vehicle can be
    safely overtaken in a marked lane to the left of the vehicle, or
    (b)the vehicle is turning right, or making a U-turn from the centre of
    the road, and is giving a right change of direction signal and it is
    safe to overtake to the left of the vehicle, or
    (c)the vehicle is stationary and it is safe to overtake to the left of the vehicle.
    (2)The rider of a bicycle must not ride past, or overtake, to the left of a
    vehicle that is turning left and is giving a change of direction signal.
    (3)In this rule:
    turning right does not include making a hook turn.
    vehicle does not include a tram, a bus travelling along tram tracks, or
    any vehicle displaying a DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE sign.
  12. :!: This Rule also applies to drivers in Queensland and South Australia....
    Not sure about W.A, Tasmania or the Territories....

    What I do know tho, is, this rule DOESN'T apply in Victoria......
  13. They will just say it wasn't safe and book you irregardless.
  14. Which begs the question, What is safe?

    According to the rules.....
    So, the way I interpret that rule is, If you don't collide with the vehicle, then you've passed safely.... :wink: Am I wrong??? :LOL:
  15. That is not a word :wink:
  16. grammar and spelling police are on Christmas Vacation.
  17. You know this isn't the case.
    It's just double demerits.

    Oh, and for the record; Ktulu says you can totally filter at lights! :p

    He also says you can never underestimate the inherent f@ggotry of the system: a cop can look at any piece of driving, decide 'in their professional opinion' that it was negligent/whatever, and the law is on their side unless you have the time and money to waste defeating the charge in court.

    I filter stationary traffic.
    I split moving traffic that is pissing me off.

    But I don't do either if there's a cop car on the road.
  18. Yes I did look it up and found that piece of regulation stating you can go by to the left of a vehicle if it is stationery and safe do do so. But when filtering between cars are you to the left of the car on your right or to the right of the car on your left? It seems to be a grey area where the rules are not clearly defined. Like I said One trainer said its illegal the next said its legal. If the people running the licensing courses are confused about the rules, it doesnt leave much hope for the average joe to be able to figure it out.
  19. Irregardless.

    Doesn't sound like a word, does it? But I checked it out a few months ago when it was posted in NR...probly by the same person :grin:. I wouldn't use it though, and they recommend using 'regardless' instead. Here here. 'Tis a silly word. It's almost like a double negative, combining the 'ir; with the 'less'. I think people mix it up with 'irrespective'. At the very least the 'less' makes the 'ir' redundant.


    And for the filtering, this I just wish they would clarify the bloody rules so it wasn't an academic exercise to figure it out. SO many people ask about it, just release an official ruling on it!!!
  20. You are both overtaking to the left the car on your right and overtaking to the right the car on your left so you need to be sure that both are legal.

    Filtering is certainly an area of confusion when it comes to the law. The problem is that in our legal system filtering doesn't exist which means that it's legality is determined on whether or not you are breaking another road rule. With so many rules, and then conditions for exemptions for certain rules etc it becomes very difficult for anyone to know it all well enough, this includes people you would hope to know the correct answers like the instructors, the police and rta staff.

    edit: Also to consider in peoples knowledge of the road rules is the way in which we are notified of changes to them. Do you remember being told of all the changes to the rules in July of this year? How many of the changes are you aware of? There was 16 pages of them! I only found out because the road safety officer at work sent out an email with a link to the RTA document. I doubt many people bothered reading it, it was only because I bothered reading it that I became aware that one of the changes meant it was now illegal to pillion my daughter because she's not 8 yet. Something the instructor at my wife's Ls course wasn't aware had changed. You'd think the RTA should have a bigger responsibility in letting people know when a rule changes that may affect them. They can spend the money on sending out a pamphlet on cornering technique but don't bother letting people know when a law that affects them has changed.