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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by specialk, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    I would like to get a motorcycle as a novice rider, the models I'm keen on are the Yamaha SR400 '78-'02 & Honda CB550 1978.
    These motorcycles are not listed on the N.S.W novice riders list, however, their similar models are listed (Yamaha SR500 1978, Honda CB500 '71-'73, Honda CB 650 '79-'82).

    So as you can see motorcycles with the similar specification and production year has been excluded for a reason that I need to learn. Can someone there could explain this to me? Furthermore, these bikes are listed under LAMS Victoria.

    Thanks heaps.
  2. Contact the RTA. It may be an oversight. I know in Victoria the older list was pretty thoroughly gone through (I was one of the people involved in checking the lists of older bikes) and there were a lot of bikes picked up that weren't on interstate lists.

    I just checked my original spreadsheet and the 1978 CB550 was initially queried but it comes out to 130 kw per tonne (using Honda's own figures).

    The initial figures VicRoads were working on (supplied from NSW) were dodgy so the RTA may have excluded it because of these figures. There were quite a few bikes that we found were either wrongly excluded or just plain left off the interstate LAMS lists.
  3. I would take it up with the RTA.
  4. My understanding of the LAMS list is that if a bike is on the EXCLUSION list, it's excluded, and if a bike ISN'T named in the INCLUSION list, refer to the above....
  5. Thanks for everyone's reply. I will contact the RTA again for a second opinion. I would like to buy the old cb550 k4, it's in good shape and I plan to keep it for years to come.
  6. information breakthrough

    I've called RTA this morning and a more helpful staff member told me that legal novice bikes must be on the list OR statisfy the power to weight ratio up to 650cc.

    May somebody inform me of the power to weight ratio of the 1978 cb550 K4?

    Thanks heaps.
  7. Ok I'm going to try this out, if someone who understands this more can correct me that'd be great.

    150kW/1000kg would be like 0.15kW/kg

    37kW/192kg would be like 0.19kW/kg for your Honda CB550

    19.69kW/151kg would be like 0.13kW/kg for my Kawasaki Ninja 250R

    But like I have no background with this, I study IT so this is just my guess.
  8. The NSW RTA site says "and are shown on this list" in reference to what you can ride, suggest you get advice from them in writing before purchasing.

    37kw on (192kg bike + 90kg* for rider) = 37 / 282 x 1000 = 131.21kw per tonne.

    Limit is 150kw per tonne

    * see my next post, looking for verification on that one for NSW.
  9. That's it Jeworge, but the RTA allows 90kg for rider and fuel load in calculating power to weight for LAMS and expressed the limit as kw/tonne.

    Actually, I need to verify that, I wasn't looking at a NSW resource; however NSW cannot be using dry weight with no rider allowance or a great number of the bikes on their list would not pass...

    EDIT: OK. As far as I can see the 90kg comes from the Australian Design Rules as a definition of laden and should be applicable; though I can find nothing concrete for NSW as I mentioned above they can't be using dry weight or many of the bikes on the list would not pass.

    Doesn't take away from everything in writing I've seen saying the bike must be on their list.
  10. Thanks Phil, wasn't too sure about the weight of the rider and addition to fuel.

    I converted to kg because it made more sense in my head, small brain haha!

    I haven't seen you in ages, do you still ride? lol :p
  11. Rubber side down, all the time, solar powered rider and bike....
  12. OK these are the figures I used to calculate it for the Victorian LAMS.

    Tare Weight =193.5kg
    Tare Weight + 90kg = 283.5 kg.

    Kilowatts/tonne =130.51

    The original figures were supplied by Honda.

    If you have a problem with the RTA, pm me and I'll see what I can do to assist.
  13. You fellas are correct with the kilowatt per tonne calculation. RTA confirmed that 90kg is to be added to the dry weight of the bike.

    Thank you all for the replies!

    Case closed.