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[NSW]: LAMS system

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Nickyb88, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. Can anyone point out to me how the LAMS system works? Or point me in the right direction for some info?
    Whether I have to apply to ride a +250cc bike, or whether all LAMS approved bikes are able to be ridden automatically on your P licence.

    Cheers guys

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  3. You beat me... but my link is betterer :p
  4. Whoooop!!! Awesome you guys rock!

    How I didn't find that I don't know..... I sort of gave up on the RTA when I sent them an enquiry about transferring my kiwi licence and got an email back that didn't answer any of my question.

    :p :p :p
  5. They've trained long and hard to master this art, and they are excellent at doing the above described bullshittery. ALMOST as much as the SDRO..
  6. Mmmm I can imagine... They told me to ring them for any further questions.

    I figured with the luck I had with emailing, and their amazing ability to copy and paste from their website which is entirely unhelpful in what I was wondering, I'd probably spend a days wages calling them to get my answer!
  7. The nice thing about ringing them is you can do it until you get the answer you want!
  8. +1 to the above.

    If you ever have to find out vital info from the rta, RECORD THE CONVERSATION (letting them know) and ring up at least two more times to see if others give you the same answer - 9/10 they will give you completely different answers.
  9. I'm trying to be cheeky with changing my kiwi licence to QLD to get my licence through Q-ride, and then changing it all to NSW to be eligible for LAMS. Think I'll be wearing a short short skirt and heading to the first available guy when it comes to doing that!
  10. Do you have a bike license at all?
    If you only have a car lic just transfer it in NSW then do the regular NSW bike test process. Cant see the point in stuffing around changing states.
  11. I would - but they get fussy transferring a kiwi learners to a aus learners, because of the difference in how long you have to hold your learners for.

    I'm only in aus for a year and really want to get my open licence before I leave! But I'm not sure if I can change the states. I'm trying to find out now. Who knows, nobody seems to be know (including NSW and QLD rta's)!
  12. :LOL: Welcome to the world of NSW RTA
    The right hand doesn't know what the left is doing,
    and no matter how many times you ph or email,
    you will ALWAYS get a different answer.

    Save yourself a lot of time & hassle, & just go into your nearest office.
    (actually make sure you have got the time when you go in, just in case)
    Where you will probably get YET another answer or explanation to your questions.

    If only here for a year, have u looked into an international license.
    Just a thought, no idea on how they work & for how long u can hold for.
  13. I think I'm just going to plan on doing that once I reach aus, hope I strike it lucky the first time. If not I'll go back the next day and try somebody else :grin:
  14. Here's a page on international drivers, HERE doesn't answer your original question but may be of some use
  15. So you're on your learners and you want an open license?
    How special are you?
    As far as I know learners are not transferrable.
    You're back to square one I think (same as any mortal)
    With limit experience and different road rules and different animals and things that jump out at you have you thought about medical insurance while you're here?
  16. Nope, not on learners. I didn't bother cause I can't transfer NZ learners to Aus learners ( as far as I can figure out) so I'd just have to pay the testing fee twice.
    Want to get my P licence I think you guys call it. We call it restricted here. Where you still have restrictions on the bike you can ride, times you can ride it, passengers and what not. Then have that for the 12months before I go for my open licence before I leave aus.

    I just want to get my open before I leave aus in jan '10 so that I won't have to worry about any restrictions or hassles if I ever want to ride a motorbike in another country. I'll probably head to Europe after, and it's freaking impossible (and horrendously expensive) to get any licence there!
    The plan was to do the Q-ride program in QLD as it seems like a really good course to get me started.
  17. ARGH!
    If you ride a LAMS bike on a NSW licence, are you allowed to ride that bike in QLD?
  18. Yep if you have a LAMS lic you can ride in any state :)