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[NSW] LAMS list updated, 25/11/09

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jirf88, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. Folks;

    Just happened to have cause to look up the LAMS list today, its been updated as of the 25/11/09.

    Not sure how different it is, but I've noticed that the Honda RVF400 is no longer on the list. Which is a shame, because that was one of the better looking LAMS bikes if you're into that sort of thing.

  2. Never heard of the VRF400, but the VFR400 was never on the list. Too powerful.
    The RVF400 was (is?) a LAMS bike. According to official specs, it was a few HP down on the VFR400, bringing it just under the limit.

    People claim Honda fudged the specs. But unless the RTA have dyno-tested the engine, I'm not sure how they justify its removal from the list.

    Its a real pity the RVF400 is no longer on the list, because it was the only LAMS bike I'd want to ride.
  3. Yeah that one. Ill correct my shit typing in a second. It was on the list. I know this, because I had planned on getting one halfway through the marathon that is my restricted license. You know, just to shake things up a little bit.

    Not anymore, however. :(
  4. I'm sure many learners/RE-class holders in NSW already own one. I wonder what happens now.
    In their situation, I'd be howling for blood if my $10k LAMS RVF400 was now just another $3k mid 90's jap sportsbike.
  5. The Aprilia SXV550 is still on the list............

    You'd be fuming if you owned an RVF400 right now.
  6. I would imagine that if you could prove that you owned it before the list was altered you would be allowed to keep it. Although I;m not sure how this would work when it came time to perform one of the three rego renewals you'll have to do.

    I'm just going to once again voice my general disapproval of this whole system. Those of you who don't like uppety youths like me, well, eat me. :p

    Anarchy, fire, booze and Daytona 675's for everyone!
  7. yeh, I was planning on grabbing one this summer as well...
  8. Anybody got a copy of the old list? the '83 GR650 isn't on the new list, but the later models are. I'm trying to work out if this is a typo and who to contact. Tried asking down at the local RTA, got the list shoved in my face and booted out the door more or less :(
  9. There's no GR650 at all?

    The 400 owners would be spewing. Like somebody else said, your bike may have just dropped 5k in value in NSW.
  10. looking at bikesales, vfr400's are currently sitting around 6k and rvf400 at 8k. poor bastards, would want to flog it off to a victorian
  11. list says "Model: GR650 Variant Name: ALL Year: 1984-88 Capacity: 651" Bike I'm looking at is Mattb's '83 GR650. Hopeing that it's a typo or the bike is an '84 model that was built in late 1983.
    Any help appreceated.

    Added: if the info I can get and my working is right half some several suzuki's are to powerful for the list. Head hurting now :?
  12. Yeah, thats something I didn't think of QW. The resale value for those bikes just went south something chronic.

    And Orb, don't try to understand what the RTA does, or why, or how it makes sense. You will just hurt yourself.
  13. lol there value just when up by 2 grand
    my money is on the fact the current RVF's will keep there lams condition on the rego and be worth even more.
  14. what, as opposed to the ones that were made after, say, 1996?

    but yes, you may indeed be right. There's a thread hanging around about an R6 or CBR600 that mistakenly had LAMS printed on the rego label and the conclusion seemed to be that once LAMS is printed on the label it doesnt come off and stays learner legal.
  15. Seems like they missed it somehow, RVFs back on the list.