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NSW lams bike upto QLD

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by warnzie, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. Has anyone been through this? I have seen a bike in NSW which is LAMS approved, and obviously im in QLD, will the LAMS status of the bike be LAMS approved in QLD?

    I shouldn't think there would be a drama as both states have the same method of calculating a lams bike - 150kw per tonne so if its lams in nsw it would be lams in qld? Am i correct8-[

  2. Nathan

    Incorrect. Lists are different - not by much, but they are (or were) different. Queensland seemed to say that a bike that was detuned by the manufacturer to be LAMS wasn't LAMS, but that seems to have changed since early March.

    To be LAMS the bike must be on this list:


    (scroll down for the list of approved motorcycles - did this because they change the PDF regularly).

    Apparently if it isn't on the list, there's a form you can complete and you need the original manufacturer specs which they'll review to see if they can add it to the list.

    I'm looking at this at the moment as I am thinking of buying a 30 year old bike that's (not quite) on the list.

    Hope this helps.

  3. This LAMS system is a joke! A joke in the sense why isn't it national. So what happens if u live NSW and have to pass the border - get off your bike and push it?

    Or if you move up from NSW to QLD? Heaven forbid you have a LAMS NSW bike that isn't on the list in QLD - You would be stuffed!

    Sorry for the rant, im a annoyed frustrated LAMS biker:nopity:
  4. I understand if you MOVE to Queensland it's a problem (hmmm, well, maybe there's several issues there) as you have to then get a Queensland licence (which would then mean you'd need to ride your LAMS bike from the Queensland LAMS list).

    However, if you're just passing through on a trip and not taking up permanent residency - LAMS is a condition attached to your NSW licence and so you could ride that bike if you're commuting throgh.


    Of course, you're well advised to get your motorbike licence in NSW (well, anywhere but Queensland) if you only want to ride motorbikes, because in Queensland you can only get your motorbike licence once you've had your car licence for a year.