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[NSW] Lady Riders - Ride Day, Sun May 7th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Dianne

    Lady Riders - Ride Day

    Held by Odins Oath Biker Accessories, Penrith
    227a High St, PENRITH

    Ride Leaves 10am

    All are Welcome to join us the only rule is that you are, 1, a Lady Rider or you bring a female pasanger, (blow up dolls are exepted i...

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  2. A ride for my birthday :grin:

    I did find this part of it amusing
  3. Hallo Sen Ney... we can celebrate your bd on the day then :wink:

    I'm keen to come, but will have to see my schedule a week before.
  4. Dianne, my friend Lin would probably like to go on the ride, but she is on her L plates and she will not ride from the Sutherland Shire to Penrith unless I accompany her on my bike.
    Is this acceptable?

    (I will NOT be pillioning a blow up doll, sorry to disappoint.) :LOL:

    Oh, and where is the ride going to mate?

    Up into the Blue Mountains?
  5. Im in Melb so im afraid i can not go :(
    Im sure those who do attend, will have a GREAT day out
  6. Hey Guy's & Girls, Di here,

    Just to let you know all know this ride is open to lerners and P platers, and if you have a ride buddy that's fine for them to come along with out the blow up doll, we ride with no disapointments and no reggrets, just out to have fun and keep it safe, so we have no probs if you need some support from a friend to enjoy the day, we've all been a learner at some stage, it's good to have friends like that.

    Also we will have all the ride details available monday and hope to get back to you all next week with more info on the ride map.

    So lets make a day for the ladies, spread the word.

  7. Hey guy's & Girls,

    Ok the Lady Rider - Ride Day 7th May, Departs Odins Oath, 227a High St PENRITH at 10am sharp, Stop 1 inc Seminar Wallachia Hotel, heading up the mountians to Springwood onto Hawksbury Rd to Richmond Stop two + Lunch Windsor, Stop 3 end of ride Pioneer Hotel, Nthn Rd PENRITH.

    Est: Ride Time 5hrs inc Stops

    Should end at Penrith Aprox 3.00pm

    If you would like any further info please call Dianne, 02 4721 0511.

    Looking forward to riding with you

  8. I have planned to join you for the ride this Sunday, but there's a change of plan... I have to pick up someone from the airport, so count me out.

    Enjoy the ride, I'll join ya next ride. :)