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[NSW] L plater speeding

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Booth, May 30, 2007.

  1. Mate of mine who i was riding with the other day, was just done for doing roughly 45km/h over the speed limit in an 80 zone. To compound this, he is an L plater. The officer was nice enough to give him the ticket for being in the over 30km/h rather than the 45km/h and over bracket.(difference in fine and penalty)

    Apparently he is facing a 3 month suspension. And a 600 dollar fine. Anyone know what else could possibly happen to him? im slowly losing friends to ride with because they keep doing the speed demon thing on roads instead of tracks.

    Anyone have any idea how this effects his riding? will his licence be revoked completely/permanently?

    On the other side of this, does anyone have any advice for approaching the situation with him, he isnt a great rider, and doing that type of stuff, even if he was, is going to end up in deathsville as far as i can see. Im hoping this ticket, suspension scares the shit out of him, and im interested in knowing worse case scenario to scare him a bit. Im talking legally. Im sure he well aware of the death and serious injury thing.
  2. huh, i got done 30kms + on my Ls
    didnt get suspended.
    must be new laws apply to L platers aswell (does he have a P plate car license?)

    one day he will crash and wake up to himself.
  3. Yeh I was thinking that. Thats just what it takes for some people.
  4. What may work is if all his mates stop riding with him because of his skill (lack) and or his attitude. Might be the cheapest and less painfull lesson you can teach him.
  5. Well a few moons ago (4 yrs ago) i got done in sydney going quite a bit faster than your mate in a cage in an industrial area at night. I wasnt racing any one at the time just testing my car 0-200km on a gtech timer.

    Anywho to cut a long story short if the cop that busted your mate decided not to be nice he would have probably been done under the hoon laws like me. (45km/h over is hooning)

    I was done for: 1) street racing 2) driving in a reckless manner or at a speed reckless or dangerous

    This earnt me 3.5 yrs of the road, $2200 in fines and 100 hrs community service. Not to mention made it impossible to continue my apprenticeship and i am now hassled by the cops when i drive my RX3 even though now i refuse to speed on the road due to losing friends and doing some long hard thinking while walking around for so long.

    It was a big mistake to make but im glad it happend now as otherwise i would most likely be dead from a cage or bike stack :evil:

    But tell your mate to seriously think is it worth it. i was a lucky one as the hoon laws were softer back then and im alive to tell the tail. These days the laws are even tuffer and even if the law doesnt catch him he is risking his life for what????


  6. 30km/h over he will be looking at a 3 month suspension for lose of points and then a 1 month additional suspension for the speed alone that extra month will include the cage if he has the points on his cage licence to cover the demerits

    zbike bs, maybe you never got the letter but if you paid the fine, you would have copped a suspension in nsw, for the same things as above, thus the reason i spent 4 months walking around when i had my p's for the cage, got clocked 38 over the limit

    check this page out http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/rulesregulations/penalties/speeding.html?rrlid=speedingpenalties

    edit: things have changed in the 7 years since i got done, its now 3 months automatic disqualification for the speed and then the 3 onths for lose of demerits
  7. yeah he has his green p's which i believe means he has enough demerit points to cover it. However, i was reading that L plates dont have demerits, so he could be looking at a 3 month suspension on both licences?
  8. suspension will be on his licence (which has two classes, C P2 and R L), so he won't be able to drive either. Points will be taken off as well, as they're not points on a class, they're points on a licence...
  9. I was just reading that up for him.

    How does the demerit system work on L's im keen to know, because im on them too. Im also in the p2 category, thus giving me seven total points. He has 7 aswell. He got 4 for this incident.

    Now does that mean he just suffers a 3 month suspension?

    The smart arse rang the rta, and found out he can go for his p's in the meantime, apparently he can gain his p's in the mean time. So his licence wont expire when the suspension period takes up.

    How do L plate demerits work? technically he has enough points to cover his offence on the car licence. Will this give him an additional 3 month suspension ontop of his automatic 3 month suspension. And will the additional suspension apply to his bike or both licences?
  10. yeah but he will lose his P's in the mean time as the points will come off, 4 points on red provisional, so theywill be wiped

    and there is demerits on the L's system if you listened to your instructor at all, you have 3 points on your learners for a mototrcycle, reason being there isnt a responsible supervisor, and all due care is placed on the rider
  11. ok.

    So he is a p2 licence holder. With 7 points.(car)

    L plater.

    The offence from whats on the rta site is 4 points.

    So i assume he will be banned for the period of 3 months only. As he did not exceed the demerits on his licence?

    Or does he receive an additional 3 months, for exceeding the demerits in the class....

    If he gains his p's in the meantime, i assume he just receives the suspension etc. And will return to his P's once the suspension is up.
  12. that is correct he will lose 4 points which will give him a 3 month suspension plus a 3 month suspension for exceeding the speed limit by more then 30km/h but less then 45, so while he will still have 3 points on his P2 class lincense for the car, he has done his lot on the motorcycle and will face 6 months off the bike and 3 months without the cage
  13. The fact that the copper altered the speeding fine to an untrue value already makes the ticket void. Maybe he should go with that flow. :)
  14. yeah tha wouldbe a great idea take it to court and say i was doing in excess of 45 over the limit, cop might cop it for it, but you wouldnt get a reduced fine or let off
  15. I dont think the officer did lie about the speed. He put down the right one on the ticket, its just it was so close to the line, he gave it in the lower bracket for him. Its all very interesting.

    Im assuming now, even if he gets his p's that the amount of time he has on the p's will run out, before he is eligible to move to the next stage of his licence. Very very very interesting. This means he will have to start from his L's again eventually? or restart his p's?

    This is one of those things, that didnt happen to me, but could have, everyone has a bit of a blat everynow and then, and its a real eye opener into the financial cost, and potential effects it has on your licence.

    Part of me thinks this is extreme, but it also knows this is exactly what he needs. He is way below the rest of us in terms of skills, experience etc, and yet continues to fang around @ 160.
  16. no, he will only lose them for 6 months, so providing he gets his P's before the suspension comes up, he will be fine he will just have renew his P's as he has to hold them for 12 months, with out any disqualification period, alternatively he could try what i did when i renewed my lincense, when i had my P's

    'is there any reason you shouldn't progress to the next level of licensing'

    i ticked no

    no way was i going to hold them for 3 years, as i got them before the 3 year system was introduced, but if i had to renew them i would have to hold them for a further 28 months