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nsw l plater riding in qld

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rat man407, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. guys what are the rules about riding in qld on l's if you hold a nsw l's
    because up there you have to have a rider behide you on there opens but in nsw you don't so can i ride in qld or will i get in shit

  2. think i'm just going to drop the l's off and ride i'm only going for the weekend so as long as i'm not a retard i should be fine
  3. i rode in NSW on ACT L's, L's is a permit and its the same in all states. So your fine to ride anywhere following the rules of the NSW L's, that is, 80kph and no booze and no 2up while on a lams bike.

    No need to risk getting a ticket for not having your L plate, cop cars will have ANPR and ping you if the bike is rego'd in your name.
  4. I reckon you will follow the laws of where you are from.

    rat, your plan sounds the best though.
  5. well the bike is in dad's name so i'm safe there and there never got me just got back and never got pulled over so i can't tell anyone esla what might b the true
  6. ahh love the old rego in the parents name. Saved my arse heaps with cops deciding not to pull me over for doing minor speeding and other sundry road offences after they ANPR my car and find out that the driver is probably a 59 year old man.
  7. yeah it is pretty good untill i have to drive my grandmother car and the coppers pull me over becasue she is resirted to driving 10km for home
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  8. Ok this forum is NOT for asking legal questions.
    This is getting silly which is why we wanted a name change.
    So far I have moved about 5 posts today NO MORE

    Please use the appropriate forums!!!!
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