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[NSW] L-Plate fell off. Want to contest fine

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by the_covboy, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Cop pulled me today. Guess he wouldn't imagine anyone but a Learner riding an rs125. My plate fell off on Princes Highway i am imagining. $185 fine, was wondering what the procedures are to contest this sort of crap.

    phizog I read about your experience a few months ago and I'm wondering how you went about it? Their reply talked about 'the issues you raised,' how did you raise it with them. Did you write to them, or did you go to court, or what happened.

    I'd appreciate any help you can lend.
  2. As harsh as it may sound, this kind of TIN is very cut and dry.

    If the plate is there, no problem, and if it's not you get a TIN. The fact your ride may have started with it there, is not really going to matter unless you can prove that you started the ride and never stopped or had the reasonable chance to see that it was still there, notwithstanding that, it is your responsibility to ensure it is affixed in a manner to prevent it from blowing off.

    Plead, and that is about all you can do. It's hard, and if you were stopped by a highway car, then it's likely the camera operating with the vehicle warning system will undoubtedly prove the plate was missing when you were stopped.

    If you have a good history, and you write a well worded letter you will likely get a warning
  3. To whom am I writing and sending the letter? Do i send them the infrignmenet notice back, or keep it and send a letter to the address on the back?
  4. It should tell you somewhere on the slip where to write it too.
  5. I got out of it by writing a letter going off about how ridiculous it was since its a flimsy ass piece of cardboard, and when the rta gives no information about attaching it, how would someone riding a few weeks know that bolting it on wouldn't keep it there? I've got the letter which I could email/give over msn if you ensure you only use it as a reference and don't copy anything directly.
  6. I dont imagine it would help that the cop has probably heard it 20 000 times before!! A lot of plates have 'fallen' off many a bike, pity in this case it actually did fall off!
  7. Yeah he said 'thats what they all say'. No doubt, because it happens alot... because its a flimsy piece of cardboard.
  8. jeez how many times over the years have I said "Jeez it was on there when I left home!" :LOL: :LOL:

    Give it go, plead youth and how you never have had any type of infringement before, ie speeding etc. You haven't have you? If you have, you may have some issues! :grin:
  9. phizog that would be kewl. Can you copy paste what u wrote in a PM. Don't worry i wont use anything you wrote, would just like to see what points you raised.

    I've never had any infringements of any kind and I'm on my full car licencen ow so I suppose I will play that up a bit. Cheers for the advice guys
  10. A while back I had a rego label affixed to the side of my numberplate and it fell off, screw was loose. Went to hardware shop to buy screws and intended to get a new label on following week since it fell off on a weekend.

    So when I was riding this motorcycle cop having a fag on the side of the road sees me and decides to check me out and harass me, wasnt speeding or anything just enjoying a Sunday ride and he fines me for not having the rego sticker and I try to explain and show him the screws I bought from the hardware shop and he still gives me a fine. Some of those pri#ks are so out of touch with the average joe they shi$ me.

    Anyway whenever I go out I make sure my number plate and rego are screwed on tight.
  11. I had the same thing happen with my car! Had the plate and the screws on the front passenger seat driving home from the hardware shop, still had the one on the back but he didn't care - fined.
  12. take it to court, my brother did and got off.
    he represented himself and his sole argument was that it had been previously raining and the cardboard got wet.
    he also highlighted the fact that the plate was supplied by the RTA and that they only supply "L" plates in cardboard, where as the two different "P" plates they supply are plastic.
    the judge agreed and threw it out, he did however suggest very firmly that my brother should look into securing the plate in a different manner to prevent it coming off in future.
  13. I got booked by a cop for not displaying L plate earlier this year. I had (what I thought) and decent excuse so I filled out the paper work to get it heard in court.

    Got a warning a week later with message saying I should be more careful next time.