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[NSW] L/P Pacific to Putty, Sat Nov 22nd

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: rooz

    Meeting at Berowra Mobil at 8:30am for a 9am departure. We will ride up the Old Pacific to Wollombi, Broke then down Putty to Rouse Hill Town Centre where the ride will end.

    There will be regular stops for fuel/stretch the legs and a lunch stop at ...

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  2. Wasn't able to go last week but should be good for this one
  3. Nah, not a good weekend. Going to the bike show.

  4. weather's not looking good agian............ *fustrated*
  5. sorry for those wanting it sooner rather than later, but i'm hopin for bad weather :eek:. Means it'd be pushed back another week, meaning I could make it!
  6. im hoping for good weather for saturday plus im going to the motoshow on friday after work its open till 9pm so should be good. :grin:
  7. I'm in, Epping Mobil at 7:45 for anyone who wants to meet up
  8. Hi guys, the weather on Saturday isn't looking good, if this ride were to be cancelled again i wont be able to reschedule and lead the following week (and possibly the rest of the weekends in dec due to XMAS) due to other commitments but im happy for sum1 else to take over my lead if they're up for the task.
    I'm hoping for good weather this Saturady but im being realistic and planning ahead so this ride can actually take place...
  9. Hi Rooz, yeah fair call you've already put too much effort into this. Well it looks like we'll be coming into a dry streak in a week so if it doesn't go to plan this saturday hopefully there's another experienced rider who can take the lead then.
  10. Most probably in....
  11. Maybe its worth putting it off so people can go to the bike show :p Also the rain looks to be sticking around :(

    Make it a new years ride Rooz :p I should be able to make that too, on my bike!
  12. OK. I can make this weekend but Shazz can't. My brother is a probable (as long as a job he's doing on Friday goes as planned he'll be there).

    I'll be leaving from Albion Park at around 6:30 and heading straight up the highway and King George's Rd etc, so if there's any riders from down Wollongong way, or along the journey, that want to meet up on the way let me know.

    Johnnywazza, I noticed you said you can't make it this week, so Gods Country that leaves you as the other South Hurstville Maccas meet point rider from last week. Did you want to meet there this week or is there another place earlier you'd prefer since I'm riding through the Shire this time?

    El Toro, did you want to meet at the car park at Roselands? If you haven't sorted your chain out yet my brother said he's happy to get there a bit earlier to help with that.

    Hope it goes ahead this week, I know I can't make next week and after that Christmas tends to make things busy.
  13. I'm still in if the weather is good this weekend.

    I'm actually really keen to go. I've had the bike serviced and bought myself some rain pants just incase it sprinkles during the ride.

  14. Yeah i'm also keen if its sprinkling as long as there's an experienced rider willing to take us (doubtful). But it says "chance shower" so fingers crossed that it goes our way. Also I just found out google maps has some motorcycle rides already saved in its database e.g this manly to patonga ride which I would love to do for the next ride!


    p.s sorry if this is old new for others, but i'm loving google maps now haha
  15. Thats a cool route, I'll join you! :D
  16. Well after this ride happens i'm up! Seems like a nice ride to stop off at a beach and have some fish and chips as well haha

  17. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I'm pretty sure the Palm Beach ferry does not take motorbikes. Which kind of kills the plan of getting it.. It will take pushies though. Sorry to break that to ya guys.

    Unless you did not actually plan to get the Ferry, then i look stupid LOL.
  18. LOL well what do you know.. I never actually zoomed into the map so I didn't see that little route over the water (I should have read the name of ride first haha), I just saw lots of turns and got excited hehe. Well I guess if we do that ride we'll have to modify the ride back a little.. anyone else seen that guy that rides his motorcycle over water? :LOL:

    The weather is great today, going to head down the pacific with a mate.. think he's going to ride a bit slower to let me keep up haha. Hopefully it holds out for tomorrow but if not plan b is the bike show!
  19. Hi all i am a new member to Netrider and new to riding .Do we know how many are going hopefully this weekend? i am in as long as weather is fine .
  20. Mate a nice ride to Palm Beach is always on the cards, you really cannot go wrong (That link you found was probably for push bikes i think).. a great detour is via Mccarrs creek road ;)