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[NSW] (Kids Charity)Survive The Ride Easter Egg Ride, Sun Ap

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: gegvasco

    Survive The Ride Easter Egg Ride
    Sunday April 9 - from 10:00am

    a fundraising event for The Childrens Hospital at Westmead.

    Donations will be taken at the Survive The Ride (STR) tent at Blacktown
    Olympic Park (BOP) from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon.

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  2. Will be attending this event this Sunday, coming from Surry Hills. If anyone is interested, post here and we can join up somewhere on the way to Blacktown.
  3. i'll be in this.
    they say sunday is going to be an awesome sunny day like today.

    Where are the netriders going to meet ?

    No doubt i'll get lost among the Ullyses folk and probably get into a conversation that will never never never end about a time when back when they were young . . . . . . . . . :grin:
  4. Went last year. It's pretty cool.

    Usual mix of riders.

    Ride out to westmead, park and chat. Kids come out to perve at the bikes.

    Then back to the park, where there's a band and sausage sizzle.

    Doubt I'll be making it this year, got a wedding on the night before, and I think I might still be slightly hammered come the morning :)
  5. Not sure of the layout there so hard to say. By the looks of it it will just be us two anyway. My mobile number is 0401 141 719 and I should be there by 10 am. Call me when you get there and we'll hook up. Same goes for anyone else who makes it along to the Blacktown Olympic Park
  6. Why isn't there something like this in melbourne at easter time?
  7. mad !
    SMS me on 0419018139 ! or i'll do the same if talking other Ullyses riders really gets me bored !! :p
    I might pass on my religious duties tomorrow, even though its an important date in calender ! :grin:
  8. Ride report

    Two netriders attended(that we know of) being myself and MickyB. Was a reasonable turnout for their second year with about 100 bikes. About 20% sports, 60% cruisers, rest miscellaneous including one trike and a monster sccoter. Some vintage bikes as well(BSA, Triumph) as well as some vintage riders(Ulysses) :grin:. The patron of the ride was Tim Webster, the channel 10 sports reader. He was there on his huge Harley.

    Left Blacktown Olympic park in one large group with a Motorbike Cop leading the way. Proceeded to the Great western highway two-by-two stretching for about 300 metres. The copper sped ahead to each of the lights to make sure we all got through together. Not bad getting a copper stopping traffic so you can run the red lights( :wink: Chrissie and Jaqhama). Was only about 15km to Westmead hospital where we parked right outside the front door. Some of the sick kids came out in wheelchairs or with drips in tow and had a great time. One poor mite who had had his leg amputated got to sit on the cop bike which seemed to make his day.

    Not sure how much they raised yet but was a good event and it will hopefully grow in the years to come.

    Oh, and the other aspect of the ride was promoting rider safety. The MCC of NSW was there handling out stuff and there was some material to read but apart from that everyone was there for the kids.
  9. Greg, mental note - that will be the last time i'm going to wear my 1RAR SAS airbourne shirt under my riding jacket if there will be Veterens riders on a ride ! :cool: :grin:

    Dunno if you notice while we were chatting military stuff, but there was a bloke there staring at us wanting to come into the conversation. Looked like he had a serious case of "I lost my mates at Nui Dat" syndrome. :eek: . . . he did have patches on his vest !

    He just kept staring !!! :shock:

    Tim Webster looks different without his make-up artist. :grin:
    Man, he has a big head. !!
    Lets hope for Tara Moss or Tasmyn Lewis as a patron next time.
  10. 1RAR SAS airborne - got em all there. Didn't notice the bloke or your shirt to tell you the truth. Maybe he was going to have a go if you weren't actually a former soldier. I've found some Army guys to be like that.

    Aye to having Tara, Laura or Tamsyn as the next patron. Just saw big Tim on the news, amazing transformation. Takes about 20 years off him. They must move the cameras back about 2 metres to make his head look smaller as well. :LOL:

    Of course, given my stunning chiselled looks I can make such comments without remorse. :roll:
  11. it sounds like fun
    i love kids :grin: (shut up Jag! )
    next year! on my new bike :LOL:
  12. Hey Greg !
    Did you get your Caltex StarCard fuel voucher in the mail and a thank you letter for going on the ride ?

    I got mine today !
    $10 :eek: , oh well its better than nothing. :grin:
  13. Yeah I did. Was a nice surprise. Still haven't got the promised tax receipt for the $50 bucks I donated though.