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[NSW] Kangaroo Valley, Sat Sep 29th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: dan chee

    hey there folks, missed out joining you all for the ride on the 23rd... so am making one for this sat...

    Meeting sylvania maccas 8.30, then heading through the natio and stopping at bald hill for a "Quick" stop then down old princess hwy to Bulli, ...

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  2. so i guess you'll be sticking to the speed limit the whole way? :LOL: :cool:
    mr plod will be watching
  3. yep double demerits... no better time to slow down... and take in the scenery... :cool:
  4. I'm up for this one. I'm a learner though.
    You might have an idea of what im capable of dan.
  5. It's shameful but me and my new beast haven't been aquainted yet. She has sat in the garage since buyg her the other week...i might bring her on this one.
  6. Hey panthus, welcome back. You have a new bike but it's not in your profile???
  7. are you going to join us at the bottom of mt Keira paul???
    yeah pnthus, bring the new sv will not be a quick ride, double demerits... and if you aint been down that way it is trully spectacular...
  8. Im in ,as long as I get friday night off work :?

    Been waiting for a kangaroo valley ride :grin:
  9. :grin: :grin: :grin:

  10. steve dont worry we shall be home by about half 3... happy birthday big boy :birthday: (the day of the ride yeah?)
  11. Shhhhh!!! Dan stop reminding me :grin:
    Yeah on strict orders to be home a little after lunch but 3'ish sounds ok!
    I'll need a nanna nap before I go on my 'surprise' dinner? :)
  12. Hey, would love to come on this one but my gorgeous wife has purchased me a flying lesson at Camden for my birthday!

    I'm pretty sure we won't be finished in time to meet you at the bottom of the Nasho... Oh well!
  13. Happy 60th bday Steve :grin:
  14. 60th??? lmao.. in the shade maybe :LOL:

    you bringing your ride out this weekend doc??
  15. Im in the tuners ear already .. he's had my heads for 3, no 4 weeks now .. just need them back, quick run on the dyno & im back on the road.
  16. so thats a yes or a no??
  17. Hmmm!!!


    Doc and Dan :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. I might be up for this one but may leave Berry after lunch and go visit my dear old mum at Sussex Inlet................we'll see :cool:
  19. Rockjob, great 2meet u last Sunday & well-done on your sensible riding.
    I think I can do this one, but probably only do halfday trip. I'll pair up with you or form a small group if there are others.
  20. Hey Dan, are you bringing the Cans of Harden??
    I think Browny needs a couple :p

    WARNING: Low flying Aircraft on this ride, if sighted take cover.