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[NSW] Kangaroo Valley Ride, Sat Mar 31st

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Joe

    Ride to the famous Robertson Pie Shop...for anyone who has been there you will know its an awesome ride with good twist and turns on the way through Kangaroo Valley.

    Date: Sat the 31st March.
    I know this ride has been done heaps but its a good ...

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  2. What's the planned route?

  3. through Macquarie Pass and the Royal National Park...


    I must warn that this ride will be of faster pace...no major breaking of speed limit all anything but definately more suitable for moderate to experienced riders....L and P platers are more than welcome but must be prepared to do the maximum speed limit of 110kph

    roll call so far..

    -abo bob
    -evil R1
  4. Hey fabo,

    Thanks heaps for changing the date, means we don't have to chose now :grin:

    See you there.

  5. no problem Paul..........it will be a busy weekend for some :grin:
    hope to see you there

    The First meet Point is Krispy Kremes - Liverpool at 9am
    Take SOUTHERN CROSS DR, KENSINGTON towards airport
    Continue along GENERAL HOLMES DR, BOTANY
    Turn right into M5 EAST FWY
    Continue along M5 SOUTH WESTERN MWY (TOLL)
    Turn right onto HUME HWY
    Continue along HUME HWY

    and the 2nd meet point is MacDonalds Heathcote 9.30am
    The Corner of the Princes Hwy & Heathcote Road HEATHCOTE

    Please be there a little earlier before the designated times
  6. ummm .........wheres Micky....you coming on this one bro?
  7. yes

    south yass sucks . . .
  8. sh!t yeah! a weekend double, this'll be awsome. hopefully this'll get the fast gremlins out of me for the learners ride!
    see you there!

  9. I could be up for this one I think. Will confirm closer to the date though.
  10. Im in for this one :grin:
  11. in for this, might just do RNP and head home though....
  12. I know where you're going, but the question was about the intended route. Starting at Uncle Leo's seems an odd place for a KV run.

  13. I'm keen.

    I live in Sutherland so also keen to see which way from Liverpool out you go so I can wait somewhere til you go past.

    Is it all the way down Heathcote road to the Princes hwy or Bangor Bypass through Sutho and Loftus to get the start of the Nasho?
  14. How are we going to National Park between Picton and Macquarie Pass? or are we just going to miss the Royal?
  15. I know Im the one that has organised this ride but we will are all going .........so anyones idea on the best way to get there will be good as I have only done it a few yaers ago

    I only know the easy route which is pretty boring highway riding so help me out fellas
  16. First thing I think you need to do is change your starting place.

    See what you think of this one .... Start at Heathcote Maccas, t/o at Waterfall for the RNP, choice of doing the Sea Cliff Bridge or Helensburg and old highway to Albion Park, Jamberoo, Saddleback Mountain, Kiama, Gerroa, Bombaderry, Cambewarra, Kangaroo Valley, Robertson, Mac Pass, Marshall Mount, Mt Keira, Stanwell Tops.

  17. If you want to meet in Liverpool, meet at Krispy Kremes, we can straight down heathcote road and meet riders not frm the Livo area at Heathcote, then its up to you, RNP long, RNP short or Old Princess. You could go down through the RNP and come back on the Old princess Hwy. Once your south of Wollongong, take your pick which way you wanna go, theres a few different way you can do it. My only request is i prefer Macquarie Pass uphill rather then down. And once at Robertson, you can go down to Jambaroo, or straight across to Kangaroo Valley. Get out a map, and figure out a route that you think is the best way, and chose meeting points that suit the route, not a route that suits the meeting point. My suggestion is www.street-directory.com, I find it a lot easier to plan routes then whereis as you can drag the map around rather then having to click to change to a seperate map every time you reach the edge.


  18. ok sounds good.........so we will meet at Krispsy at 9am and than meet up at the 2nd point at Maccas arounds 9.30

  19. becareful of the damn tourist down kv, stopping with next to no warning (equates to one gravel rashed firestorm), also just driving straight out from the car park near the pub without looking all the usual cager activity but worse really on the saturday all of your mentioned roads are going to be chockers jamberoo, mac pass kangaroo valley, i doubt you will get over 50 km/h sorry guys, but saturdays will always be the worst day to do any of these roads as it the start of the weekend
  20. 'The Loop' is busy all weekend, you have to adjust to it.

    Sunday afternoon around 1:30pm I counted 15 cars between the bottom and the top of Macquarie Pass. But apart from the Pass, there are plenty of passing opportunities along the valley floor, as long as you are resigned to the fact that passing one or two cars just gets you some clear road for a few minutes till you catch up with the next group. The plus is that the valley is green and lush since the recent rains and it will be a beautiful ride for photography..