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[NSW] Just what IS excessive speed?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. Yesterday morning around 8:00am I was chatting with a Highway Patrol officer conducting radar speed testing right in the main street of Mittagong. I jokingly suggested to him that he could finance the State debt by booking people for being over the well-publicised speed limit of 50kph. he laughed and said that he had just booked a learner motorcyclist for 88kph in a 50kph zone. His comment was 'He won't be riding again for a long time'.

    My maths is lousy, but this likely lad was doing more than 75% above the posted limit. That is excessive speed, whatever you think.

    So when you think that 130 is only a bit over 100, remind youself of the fact that doing 30kph over a 50 kph limit is exactly the same equation, and attracts the same penalties. It's also a far more likely scenario than getting pinged for 130 on the highway....
  2. I read your post 3 times, and I STILL cannot grasp what point you were trying to make.
  3. Left glove first?

    Excessive speed is (or at least should be) based on danger of travelling at a certain speed, with the given conditions - not how much over the posted speed limit you are.

    Excessive speed can be doing 80 in an 80 zone, if the lane next to you heading in the same direction is stopped or moving very slowly.
  4. AFAIK in car accidents, they can claim excessive speed for the conditions even when under the limit (which they can then misleadingly file under 'speed causes accidents').

    So yeah I'd say excessive speed is determined by the environment. And no, I don't think 30km over the limit in an 50 zone should be the same as 30km over the limit on the highway. The first is much more dangerous than the second.

    In Germany, the penalties depend on the area you are booked in. If it is a built up area, the fines will be higher and vice-versa on the highway/unpopulated areas.
  5. I think what he means is that doing 80 in a 50 zone is the same penalty as doing 130 in a 100 zone, even though one is 30% increase and the other is 60%. So proportionally, you are speeding "more" in the 50 zone.
  6. Thats probably why and it pisses me off to the max,the back way from the end of the expresswayat Nutral Bay to Mosman for years was 60kph and you could do 70 very safely is now 50 with lots doing 45,and River Rd out of Crows Nest was 70 and is now 50 with lots doing 45,you get passed by pushbikes on the downhills,all are major arterial roads and on ocasin the boys like hidding with radar,especaly on the downhills.
  7. The point I took out of it is that speeding penalties are unfairly weighted on highways.
  8. The point I took out of it was not unfairness; those are the laws like em or not
    Just that I got reamed on the highway
  9. except that they aren't the same. 130+ gets you a compulsory walking holiday even in a 110km/h zone. 80 in a 50 zone will get you one as well, but 79 in a 50 zone is going to let you keep your license (if you have enough points to throw away).

    Question for the OP - is 10km/h in a 5km/h marked carpark more reckless than the 80 in a 50 zone above?

    For us punters, excessive speed is more than the limit or whatever the cop thinks - which ever is lower - regardless of conditions, training or the position of the moon.

  10. You should use your fingers to add and subtract. 130-110=20.

    This is not a disqualification. You need to be 140+
  11. Ignorance is no excuse, as they say.

    Not sure of the exact details in NSW, but I'd be surprised if it was different to Victoria.

    If you speed on a 110kph posted road, the cut-off for a walking holiday is based upon the amount that you are above the state limit, not the posted limit, which is 100kph. Here in Victoria, that starts at 25+kph over the state limit, so a speed of 125kph on a 110kph posted highway will get you a walking holiday, in exactly the same way that a speed of 125kph on a 100kph posted road will get you one.

    NSW still has the +30kph margins though, and so it'd be 130kph there, regardless of whether the road is posted 100 or 110.

    If you don't believe me, then by all means, put your money where you mouth is, and do 135kph in a 110zone in front of a radar.
  12. Hmmm 88 in a 50 zone excessive…
    Bourke St is a 50 zone, so is Kew Boulevard.
    Doing 50 in Bourke st is excessive most of the time.
    But you can travel the boulevard at a relatively consistent 80 without any real risk.
    Measuring excessive against a speed sign Vs against conditions, is falling into the trap of the Governments “Speed Kills” campaigns.
  13. Man, don't you hate making a cock of yourself whilst armed with the wrong information.

    flux is correct.

    The law was changed as people were doing 140 in a 110 and still keeping thier licences and just paying the fines.
    Then they added the demerit point system and altered the laws to suit.

    Despite the road being marked at 110, the state limit of 100 applies. You can do 110 in a 110 zone.
    Do 111 in a 110 zone and you are 11km over the limit not 1km.
  14. I've heard of that before. Would love to meet the bloke who got that passed, to provide some 'feedback'.
  15. whaaaaaaaaaaat?

    i thought they had just made it an additional offence to travel more than 135km/h

    i might check this up with the legislation.
  16. Your shitting me,how long is that BS been around,typical

    125 in a 110 zone being considered 25 over is a bit rough, but it is unlikely to happen by accident, but 111 being 11 over in a 110 zone is just F#$ked.
  18. Eh? That's messed up! :-s
  19. That may be correct in Victoria, but not in NSW. NSW did have a special speeding offence of 130 in a 110 zone was instant suspension, but that was removed a few years back.

  20. Geeze have any of these law-makers been on a highway with a modern vehicle?