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[NSW] Join Charley Boorman for ride into Sydney, Tue Jul 22n

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Jo Melling

    Charley Boorman Rides Into Sydney In Motorcycle Convoy For Final Stretch of Latest TV Adventure By Any Means

    Date: Tuesday 22nd July 2008
    Time: 11:00 hours (am)
    Photo Call Location: Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney
    Foot of Fleet Steps, by Harbo...

    ... more

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  2. Thats like a 5min walk from my office, i'll go have a look.

    Its also 1 day after the 1 year anniversary of my mega-accident. :)
  3. He's not worth it and no one in the UK respects him. Don't bother
  4. Jealous?

  5. What's wrong with him? :?
  6. Have you seen mondo enduro or terra circa?

    Austin Vince did the Round the world trip 7 years ago. They have made fantasic films about it and they are the kind of guys we like Normal folk who have not got loads of money to throw at this kind of trip - they show that 'normal' people can do this kind of trip and you dont need 'training' or all that support crew and £50000 deals with nokia and so on and so on.

    What C and E did was fine for the 'none biking' folk to watch and think thats nice film star rides bike is mucky places, but for the normal people who understand off roading and adventure travel check out



    The people are normal folk who have a right good adventure and tell us about it in a fantastically funny embrasing way.


  7. no just fed up of him swearing and going on and on about how great HE is and how wonderfull He is.

    He's not done him self any favours in the press over here in the UK. He is just an arse.

    I have met him a few times and i have to say stardome has made him into a real diva.

    You want real travel adventure....




  8. :rofl: Read it and weep: the Aussie Tall-Poppy Syndrome unites two countries separated by a common language.
    apologies to George Bernard Shaw
    Ah you're just gonna love it here mate :rofl:
  9. ,

    I agree, I was introduced to him in Sydney not long after his first ride, tickets were falling off him!. There are people out there who have done a more adventurous trip but haven't had the money to back them up or the thousands of hangerons to attend to his every need, the guy is a sook.
    "Why did the subframe on my Beemer break?" Maybe it had something to do with the kitchen sink and all the other siht that they took with them!
    Oh, hang on a minute Tex, I want to go outside & have a joint!. Tosser.

    Tex & Bundy
    ps. I will have to hunt down those Louis books, her travels look interesting & fun.
  10. :roll:

    I do think the series were entertaining. If it wasn't such a trek and if I didn't have work I would probably go.
  11. I heard this is actually a plot to stage a mass biker protest and block traffic because bikers are fed up of not being allowed to lane filter in the mcdonalds drive thru. Charlie is only the front to this whole plot.

    Well thats what I heard though.
  12. Ride

    Is this ride about awareness to Bike safety or environmental issues?

    If NOT then count me out......
  13. I loved LWR, didn't thin much of LWD, but thought the final scenes with the convoys looked great...

    I would love to join, and probably will... but just one thing.... WTF were they thinking doing this in peak hour on a weekday... The group has about as much chance of staying together as a new Hyosung :LOL: just kidding...

    They should have done it very early so that they crossed the SHB in the very early morning... I reckon it's going to be a shite fight...

  14. I'd like to but I'm in Melbourne. LWR, LWD and ADV Rider inspired me to buy my current setup. There were around 500 bikes that road with him at the start, check out youtube for a few vids.

    Anyone who can get paid for doing that sort of stuff is a lucky bugger in my book.
  15. dude, not lucky at all - he is like Clarkson and Branson, he wasn't born with a silver spoon - he was born with the complete cutlery set !! He has put his own money up to make his adventures. It just so happens he is mates with Ewan that has got him more exposure.

    Anywany, i'll be there its only a 5min walk from work.

    Note that not all riders can park in the Botanical Gardens. Those on the ride just hope that you are in front to get a spot at First Fleet Steps or ride a Bimmer. They will be favouring BMW bikes for the foreshore media / photo shoot.
  16. Some of my Dad's mates met him up in the Northern Territory last weekend, they had a good chat to him in the pub and they seemed to think he was a pretty good bloke. Looks like they'll probably make it onto the show as well, Charley and the film crew spent a few hours getting footage of them on their bikes the next morning.

    Charley also took the time to personally give my Dad a call and wish him all the best for his bone marrow transplant next week, it really cheered him up. Doesn't sound like and arse to me, maybe you caught him on a bad day or something.
  17. Yeah I remember reading in LWR it was rather hard as he had to get together the money to start the project. I guess now it isn't so much of a problem.

    Personally I don't see the issue with BMW riders getting priority, BMW has obviously sponsored the show and if anyone has read of seen LWD they'll know how KTM shot themselves in the foot.
  18. I wish I could be part of it. He's entertining.
    LWD & LWA are often given a run in this house.
  19. Does anyone know the exact route they will take... I ride from Sutherland into the city every day in Peak hour, and it is a nightmare... I can't figure out how they will get to North Ryde without being stick in if for a long time somewhere...

  20. Found this bit of info on the Route, Wont be heading to the
    Gong for the start but keen to link up with it at
    Stanwell Park perhaps? Anyone else got the day off to head over from Penrith?

    Wollongong to Sydney Motorbike Convoy Factsheet

    Date: Tuesday 22nd July 2008
    Departure Location: Flagstaff Hill Park, Wollongong
    Meeting Time: 07.30am – 08.30am
    Departure Time: 08.30am
    Arrival Time in Sydney: 11am
    Arrival Location: Fleet Steps (off Mrs Macquaries Road), Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney

    Route: From Flagstaff Hill Park proceed to the Princes Highway [1]. Remain on the Princes Highway [1] until Bulli where you join the scenic drive [68] up past Coalcliff. At Stanwell Park, return to the Pacific Highway [1] and continue until Sylvania Waters. At Sylvania Waters join highway [3] in the direction of Strathfield. Continue on [3] until [3] meets highway [2] at North Ryde. Take highway [2] towards North Sydney. Continue following all signs to Sydney, and at the Harbour Bridge get into the Cahill Expressway lane and proceed across the bridge and over Circular Quay. Take the Macquarie Street exit and proceed to the end of Macquarie Street. Turn left into Art Gallery Road and then into the Botanical Gardens. Continue along Mrs Macquarie’s Road past Art Gallery NSW to the Fleet Steps. Traffic Management will be in place to direct you.
    Priority for BMW Bikes
    BMW have sponsored the motorbikes for Charley Boorman and VIP guests on this stretch of the By Any Means expedition, so BMW motorbikes will have priority at the front of the convoy. All other motorcycles will be asked to ride behind and we would appreciate your full co-operation.
    On Arrival into Sydney
    BMW bikes will be provided with a limited amount of designated free parking on Mrs Macquarie’s Road, which will be clearly marked. For all other bikes non-reserved parking is available on Mrs Macquarie’s Road so you should be able to park up and wander down to the waterfront to view the press photo-call if you desire. However if you cannot find a spot you will have to do a U turn out of the Botanical Gardens and continue with your journey. All parking in the Gardens is metered.
    Important Notes
    No riders will be allowed to take their motorbikes onto any grassy areas within the Botanical Gardens under any circumstances.
    You will be filmed by BAM crew both on the road and from the air by helicopter. By taking part in this convoy you therefore provide permission for yourself to be filmed and will have no claim on any of the footage, at any time. All footage remains the property of Big Earth Media.
    The RTA will be supervising the progress of the convoy via their complex network of road traffic cameras. They will assist with traffic signals where appropriate to keep the convoy together. All riders must keep to speed limits, drive safely and remain as close to the pack as possible. For filming purposes, and to maximise the impact, we will want the convoy to remain compact as it makes its way along the route. The NSW Police will also supervise.
    Queries/ Further Information
    This convoy event is being managed by Jo Melling of Sydney based, Global Events and Expeditions, on behalf of Big Earth Media. Full details about the By Any Means production can be found at www.byanymeans.co.uk

    If you have any queries about the convoy please contact: jo@globaleventsandexpeditions.com

    Thankyou for Taking Part and Enjoy the Ride!

    Added a Map - Route at a guess going from above info...(my first attempt at googling roads) Anny