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[NSW] Jenolan Caves Ride with lunch at Oberon, Sun Aug 23rd

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Ed

    NSW Riders are doing the Jenolam Caves loop this Sunday, 23rd August. Netriders welcome.

    Date - Sunday 23rd August 2009

    Meeting Point - McDonalds McGraths Hill
    Meeting time - 9:00
    Departure Time - 9:30


    After a 9:30 depart from Mc...

    ... more

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  2. Mmm, might ask for a leave pass for that one. I'd look at coming home down through Taralga/Goulbrun/Marulan and down the Pass. Would be a neat ride. Fingers crossed.
  3. A group is leaving from the Shell Servo on Epping Road (AKA The Space Station) at 8:30. The servo is located on the LHS, 1.8 km from Sydney City Motorcycles Lane Cove, heading towards Macqaurie Uni. We will go via the M2.

    Join us there if you want.
  4. I will wait and meet you at Caltex Rouse hill at around 8:45.
  5. See ya at Shell Space Stn Lanecove for a coffee before heading off to the main meet point.

    yay 45 bikes fr NSW-R? this is big :demon:
  6. Fark.... and im heading up with a group of 10/15 also... busy busy.....
  7. ForumBoy,What route you gonna go as i live in Penrith and am working on Saturday nite and wanna get some sleep so am thinking to join up the group somewere near Penrith????
  8. Forgot to ask what time you planning to head back home from Jenolan caves???
  9. So the route is on Bells Line,I migth have to come then at McGraths hill Mac's,Hopefully see you all there if i get up from bed on time!! :grin:
  10. Im keen for this, been wanting to go to Jenolan Caves for a while now...

    Approx: What time do you think it'll be by the time the group gets back to the start point? I gotta be home at 5pm (I live near Parramatta)

    Obviously I can break off from the group and head home if needed... was just curious :)
  11. i'd say i'll be back in my hometown of Silverwater by 4pm as usual - before the sunday traffic
  12. I'm heading out to this one. :) Got a leave pass :)
  13. Wow, wish I'd seen this earlier. Might poach the route and do it by myself on Monday, cos I ain't getting up in time tomorrow.

    Have a blast guys and gals - hope to join you next time now I'm in Syd.
  14. I'll be there :cool:
  15. Was a good ride for the small bit i went on. Headed back at Mount Vic due to a bad rear tyre.

    Had a blast though
  16. Just found out we had a few offs today.
    One guy on a Harley was hurt apparently. Bikes a wreck. All others are doing ok. Just some scratches
  17. Yeah, it went a bit awry after lunch at Oberon.

    There was a few blokes that went off ahead of the pack after lunch, and I think the Harley was trying to let someone pass and ended up in the gravel, where it all went horribly wrong. A couple of other blokes collided while stopping to render assistance apparently. They were ok, but the Harley rider was flown by chopper from the accident site. I really hope he's ok. From the sounds of it, he could move feet and he was responding to instructions, so thats a good sign.

    Because the group was split up at the site, those of us on the Oberon side rode back to Mt Victoria and met up with the rest of the group, then we called it a day.

    The ride back was a bit hellish for me, through an awful amount of traffic. At one point we were flitering up the side of cars that were gridlocked, and one bloke in a truck threw some liquid at a couple of us, got me on the helmet mostly, idiots - its not like we were holding them up or inconveniencing them in any way, they just felt it was unfair we could move and they couldn't. I kept riding, figured that every minute I was moving was putting distance between them and me. :)

    The ride up through to Oberon is good, the bit after that the roads are a bit naff, but would recommend checking it out. Just, ride safe on unfamiliar roads.
  18. Is it correct that there were 45 people on this ride? I saw that number somewhere and decided that that was a few too many people to be on a ride with, especially since I didn't know any of them!

    There are some great roads around Oberon, but the best of them is in the opposite direction from where you guys were heading. It's the road that goes south west from Oberon, through Taralga and comes out at Goulburn. It used to be miles of dirt but I think it's fully sealed now and it's a fabulous run if you want to do it.

    The only down side is that the return trip involves a long, boring run up the slab back to Sydney.

    Check it out.
  19. hmmm wasnt R-K-O that was on the harley that went down?
  20. I was going on this ride and it was my intention to continue on to Taralga. Great stretch of road and you can then do the Mac Pass/Dapto/Old Princes for a magic ride home.

    Did the south run on it's own instead.