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[NSW] Jenolan Caves Ride, Sun Feb 22nd

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Ed

    Date - Sunday 22nd February
    Meeting place: McDonalds McGraths Hill
    Meeting time: 8:30
    Departure: 9:00

    Route: Bells Line of Road via Oberon

    Lunch will either be at Oberon or Jenolan Caves depending on timing and riders preferences.


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  2. ah this one's back now! :eek:
    I wish the old posts could be brought back.

    Guys please note that there will be a detour to Hassans Walls lookout near Lithgow (The highest lookout point in Blue Mtn).
    There will be a short 5kms section of (smooth) unsealed roads but its worthy the scenery.

    Look forward to this one!
  3. I wll be in this .... for sure!
  4. bastards...

    was there a reply to my last post? i havnt been able to get on till now. will i have to retype it?
  5. Yes you will.
  6. im in.

    see you there.
  7. bells line i should be confortable with, but dont know the other roads at all (other than by reputation). by the sounds of it you planning to do at fairly slow speed? I wont want to go much over posted recommendation as i dont know the road. how many people are you expecting to come along? If its a only a few experienced riders i wont bother, but if spread across all riding demographics then i would love to join.
  8. Are Learners welcome?

    Hey guys, not ure if you bike nuts what a learner coing or not? what you think fella's is it possible? let us know.
  9. i can only imagine that as with all rides there will end up being a spread of ability and hairstyles. come along. why not eh.
  10. Re: Are Learners welcome?

    If a learner is comfortable riding posted speed 80kmh most of times on open roads, with lots of corners, then id say Yes.
    Come & add more tarmac time in your experience, we'll be doing around 300 kms on the day.

    We cant predict how many bikenuts and noobs on the day but so far the mix are: MT-01, 3xCBR600s, GS500, XR400 trailie, Duke motards, VN900 cruiser, plus those who posted here. Few of us will take turn for the tail-rider duty.

    This ride is posted as Class-3 ride (medium pace).
  11. expected time to come back?
    riding at learner speeds,

    essentially if its 300 each way by 80km/h roughly 4 hours give or take for corner speeds petrol stops and other stuff

    2 hours for lunch and sight seeing

    and 4 hours back

    umm tell me if there should be an adjustment to this estimate as i got work at 5-6
  12. Haven't been that way in ages, should be in if weather is good.
  13. its about 300 all up and sight seeing is no more than fuel and smoko and a feed.. depending on where you live you should be home with time to spare..(i think). these days have no real time frame. if you need to bugger off early you always can.
    OOPS just saw that you live in moss vale.. you may not make 5 or 6.. maybe you could go from jenolan to moss vale ?. stick that in google maps or whereis and see what sort of time you get.
  14. i just did the google check of distance.. jenolan to moss vale is 3 hours in itself.. you might have to call in sick
  15. Count me in. I'll bring my along my P plates and my twofiddy
  16. If I've moved the whole contents of my house to the new property on Sat, count me in, otherwise :tantrum: .
  17. you dont have any mates to help ?. big strong lad like yourself should have no problem.
  18. I've got 2 big trailers we're gonna get, plus about 8 blokes, should be moved in 6-10 hrs. So I'm confident in saying 80% certain I'll be there, unless we manage to blow 4 trailer tyres.
  19. Count me in :grin:

    I did this run on Australia Day - the roads are good tho there are still roadworks on narrow section going downhill into Jenolan on the eastern side.

    I'm hoping the weather gods will be kind to us - not like last year's Oberon ride when it hailed on us after Tarana! :shock: and just trying to see the road was a challenge. :eek:

    I'll be returning via Bell Line as I've a meeting at Bilpin at 3.30 - 4pm. See everyone on Sunday :grin:

  20. nice one eve.. see you then. hoping not for a raincoat day