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[NSW] Invitation: Spanktacular 2007

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pete the freak, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Yo dudes from Sydney and around abouts...

    Just thought I'd throw up an invite to a great party I'm helping to organise. It's called "Spanktacular", and basically we hire a venue, put on DJ's and a couple of live acts drink the night away and have an awesome time. This will be the 4th year we've run this, and will be the first year that we're raising money for charity.

    Here are the details:

    What: Spanktacular 2007: The party to spank all parties.

    When: Saturday June 30th 2007, 5pm(ish) to 3am

    Where: The Monkey Bar, 55 Orchard Rd Chatswood

    Why: Just for the hell of it; end of financial year party; last Saturday smoking in pubs; etc.

    How Much: Entry is FREE. Donations can be made on the night with all proceeds going to childrens charities.

    So if you've got nothing on on the 30th of June, head on up to The Monkey Bar and enjoy an awesome night out with a bunch of great people.

    If anyone asks, just tell them that Pete The Freak sent you... :cool:

    For more info visit: http://www.myspace.com/spanktacular07

  2. Must..resist..obvious...monkey-spanking joke.
  3. Go for your life, that's the whole point of Spanktacular!! :wink:
  4. What, monkey spanking?
    Shouldn't be surprised I guess, it is Sydney after all :p :LOL:.
  5. :shock:, What, and nothing like that ever goes on in Ballarat, jd :LOL: ???
  6. :) if i lived closer i would be there...
  7. C'mon, It's an excuse for a ride... :cool:
  8. err lets see... southport queensland to Chatswood with no bike.. :wink: yep see you in 2008.... december, if i dont get stuck in sydney...
  9. Just thought I'd bump this as it's only a week away.

    Things are looking great over at Spanktacular Industries, we got 5 DJ's spinning the decks on the night, and all money raised (via donation buckets) will go directly to the Sydney Children's Hospital.

    You're all welcome to come along and party down, it's free entry. If anyone asks who you know, just say Pete The Freak and they'll know... I'll be the one in the black suit and LOUD Hawaiian shirt (Tommy Vercetti Stylez Yeah!!)


    Hope to see you there...
  10. It's the cold there Paul, things go brittle and snap off in the cold... :roll:
  11. im there

    but if no netriders are going to be there to talk to, im bringing friends.............

    guy friends
  12. Stump, is that a threat?
  13. um, yes.

    kidding. if i dont specify on gender i know there will be follow up posts such as..................

    chicks stump?

    single are they?

    how many?


    i was saving you all some time
  14. Well, I'm still hoping for some single chicks ;)
  15. 'twould be a pleasure to have you along. Bring all the friends you want, the more the merrier...

    You coming Nuff??
  16. Just thought I'd bump this one more time as the party is tomorrow.

    It's gonna be an awesome party. Lot's of hot chicks (and dudes), cool beats, cheapish drinks. Gonna be a blast.

    Where are you Ktulu, Donkey, Mickey??? You guys should be there...

    And remember we're raising moneys for the childrens hospital, so can even excuse your drunken debauchery as a donation to charity... :LOL: