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[NSW] intro of covert cameras?!?!!!......pollie wish list!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by evelknievel75, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. http://www.smh.com.au/national/mobile-camera-plan-to-cut-nsw-road-toll-20090724-dw63.html

    our roads paul daley minister is in favour but the NRMA isn't as are a lot of groups.....more revenue raising imho is the sole reason for this, nothing else. also that douchebad scruby is in favour. say no more. plus a boatload of "academics" too.

    i read a study that said NSW and Vic had very similar road death rates despite Vic having one of the most draconian penalty regimes in the world vis-a-vis cameras, speeding tolerance through said use of cameras and covert vs non covert.

    more bullsh*t in my opinion. if we get this do we get to park on footpaths :LOL: ?

    your thoughts?

  2. So here's their academic.
    The George Institute profile for Mark Stevenson

    And here's his photo.

    Does this look like a man you would trust to:
    a) Manage or advise on an effective road safety program comprised of covert punitive punishment?
    b) Be in the same room as your children?

    From his profile, here are the positions Mark's held and considered an authority on:
    - Senior Director, Research and Development at The George Institute for International Health
    - Professor in the School of Public Health at the University of Sydney
    - National Health and Medical Research Council (Australia) Fellow
    - Associate Professor in the School of Population Health
    - Director of the Injury Research Centre in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Western Australia
    - Associate Professor in the Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics at Curtin University
    - epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, USA

    The man's a freaking dentist who can't hold down a job.

    The guy has worked in a metric arseload of hospitals, but picked road safety as his little crusade and supports covert cameras.

    Hospital Errors Cause 4550 Deathers A Year
    Now I wonder if Mark would be in favour of putting covert cameras in hospitals to look over doctors' and nurses' shoulders... they won't know where! They won't know when!
    Then we can have a team of people watching them, ready to assign fines or use the footage as evidence in negligence or wrongful death trials.
    Even if they're innocent, it doesn't matter; coz the court will sort that out, and they never make mistakes. Yay!
  3. They have been in SA for ages and stick out like dog nuts. The fun part came when they started installing them in wheelie bins.
  4. How does one get in contact with this fellow to lodge thoughts of extreme anger?
  5. I'm surprised it has taken this long, I mean playing devil's advocate, how ironic is it that there must be three signs warning you of a speed camera (NSW)?
  6. How will hidden cameras help make roads safer?

    You don't know they are there until you receive the notice in the mail / are told / happen to spot one. All of these scenarios bar the 'being told' mean that you will still drive as normal through the area.

    Nothing but revenue raising, there isn't really any safety aspect for them to veil it behind.

    Keep hearing more and more retarded shit happening in Aus, sigh
  7. Wait what, tell me you're joking.
  8. I can't believe though actually did that... :shock: I mean, how can you even pretend that is about road safety?
  9. I love how when it comes to curbing violence in the streets and just about everything else out there its more visible police is the answer, but not when it comes to stopping speeding, for them the answer is hide them in the trees.
  10. I think it has something to do with the old quote "Crime doesn't pay!" (Gov't/Police that is)........ speeding fines cerainly do. In their eyes a far better investment because after all riders/drivers don't pay enough taxes & charges to be on the road in the first place..do we??? :? :?:
  11. I'm supportive of the "signage" measure, actually. If the speed cameras really are being placed in blackspots where excessive speed has been the major factor in most accidents, does it not make sense to say "Slow down or we'll take your photo!" and ensure people slow down right then, rather than sending them a ticket from a hidden camera a week after they've lost control of their car and parked it in the front of a preschool?

    Extreme example, perhaps, but it reflects the different focus of the (existing) NSW vs VIC policies on speeding. NSW concentrates on localised speeding for fixed cameras, using mobile cops to police the 'general' speeding. VIC tries to use fixed and mobile cameras to make everyone generally paranoid without localised focus.
  12. The warning signs are thus doing their job in reducing localised speeding!!

    In years gone by was going up & down the F3 for 11 years & countless times cops are hiding in long grass on the verge or behind rock walls. A total load of shit this "High profile policing" on speeding. They DO have quotas as well, thats from the horses mouth. (A mate in blue)
  13. Good points, Spots. I suppose the signs are more effective than the actual camera!
  14. Quota isnt the correct word, "targets" is the word they(police) use :wink:
  15. Given that the motivation for the cameras is to reduce speed thus reducing accidents, and not to raise revenue (apparently) I'd say it doesn't even come close to being ironic.
  16. Yeah, infra red film in the middle of the day/arvo too so they didnt need a flash. Got some locals on hills roads about 5 times a day for a week. The uproar was so huge they say they no longer will do it but I have little faith.

    They have also used estimated time between observable features from aircraft to fine people at night.
  17. Your joking!!! They adopted that eye in the sky crap on the F3 etc years ago during daylight. They had lines painted accross the road for timing purposes. I guess its one thing to observe someone speeding from up there, but if they don't have the ground backup, they may as well wave goodbye............ :-k :LOL:

    Needless to say it was scrapped...........yeeha one for the goodies!!!!
  18. You would be suprised how far away a chopper can snap a plate/face photo. Very suprised.

    They are about to rollout fixed speed cameras on non-intersections here, just poles in the middle of nowhere. Goes completely against the original promise which was they will ONLY be put on high risk intersections.

    It's all going over with barely a whimper here. zero media coverage.
  19. Speed Fine Revenue

    If you get an Infringement for alleged speeding do you really believe the acuracy of the Speed Camera and pay the fine!!
    Install a Data Recorder for under $200 and know exactly how fast you were going and exactly where it was and what time and date.
    I have had one know for almost a year and can go back to any date and time to find out how fast I was going and exactly where it was.
    It wont prevent you from getting a speed fine but it will sure show up your driving habits regard speeding.
  20. Funny you raise the issue of those hospital deaths, I thought along the same way you did when I heard about it on the radio. If only the gov was so concerned about that, but deaths dont bring in revenue.

    And what are they trying to acheive anyway, zero deaths on the road? I spose that gives them unlimited license to keep putting up cameras.