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[NSW] Interstate, Import = Difficult to get a blue slip?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by SpRonG, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. Hi, i recently bought a ZX2R from 'Cash' :grin: who is a member on Netrider but i found the bike on bikesales. Anyways i have the bike and everything and its a sexy ride but stupid NSW RTA has these stupid regulations on how to get the bike regoed.

    Firstly i went to the mechanics yesterday to try to get a blue slip when i found out he needed to see the actual engine which would cost me $29 for slip, $22 cause its an import + $77/hour to remove fairing + put it back on. So i was planning to ride it home to remove it myself which was fine. I was then told i need to provide the original copy of the "Consumer Information Notice", which i found out it is issued when the bike is first imported and is used once for registration. So i called up Cash and asked him if he has it and he told me he never had it. After a few phone calls and yelling with the RTA members + calling my mechanic again he told me RTA people are idiots and gave me RTA tech support.

    Tech support basically enforced what my mechanic told me, i needed to get the Consumer Information Notice. I believe its issued by the ACCC but wanted to know if i can get it re-issued? Or are there any loop holes? I have 12 days left or i face a late fee with the RTA :cry:
  2. What a croc! We may not have LAMS but at least we dont have that cr@p.
    Good luck. Cant offer any advice as I live in the TAX state.
  3. I guess it's the risk you take buying an import.

    So Blue Slip must mean bike is rego'd interstate? I Blue Slipped an interstate bike and no issues, but it wasn't an import. But he did have to check engine and frame numbers (no fairing so easy to find)

    Did Cash buy the bike from the importer? Surely he'd have some paperwork?

    Have you called ACCC to ask them?

    I think the late fee is only about $50 - so don't stress out too much

    All the best with it and let us know how it all goes.
  4. If he needs a blue slip then its 1st time reg in NSW
    If not then no idea why need to go through that process again.

    Sorry dont know where Cash is from.
  5. Cash is from Melbourne ^___________^

    and yeah its first time in NSW, i called ACCC today and getting my mechanic to do a request for Consumer Information Notice...hopefully he got it :grin:
  6. a blue slip is for any bike that is not currently registered in NSW it is basicaly a vehicle identity check as well as a more detailed physical inspetion than the pink slip.
    that is any vechile that has not been registered in nsw or vehicle thats rego has been expired for more than 3 months.
  7. Consumer Information Notice?? Jesus, probably something else they've made up to deter imports of any kind.

    As far as I know, imports of bikes are generally done under a blanket approval, meaning there wont be a specific import approval like you'd have for a Japanese car. The only other certificate I'm aware of that would be issued is the 0-4-5 Certificate which states the bike complies with ADRs (so it's safe to use on Australian Roads). Besides the Road Worthy Certificate, nothing else should be required as it's already been registered in Australia.

    Sounds like you need to speak to someone else within the RTA.
  8. I have heard a couple of similar stories about grey import bikes being difficult to register in another state and/or difficult to re-register if the registration runs out :(

    Good luck with your problem.
  9. this is a very good reminder to anyone who may be buying a grey import from another state in the future, do your research in regards to rego first before buying!
  10. I did my research but the people at RTA NSW are idiots they dont know too much just the basic details. There is a 'loop hole' cause my mechanic said he must have the original CIN but the people at ACCC faxed him a copy and he was told it was ok by the ACCC when on his guide lines it says original.

    Anyways got it all regoed and been riding for 2 weeks now :p as i pulled out of the blue slip station i did a fishy :( scared the chickens out of me.